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Lilliana Marie Palomo

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Jun 5, 2019  

Middleton, Essex County, Massachusetts. Another criminal wench claims to have been digitally raped by a correctional officer. Pussypass proposed by an unusual source was kindly granted by a judge. Read on for why we too have kindly granted fictim (false victim), Lilliana Palomo, permanent membership here among seasoned liars against jail officers.

December 2018. After being transported from the Massachusetts Correctional Institution (MCI) in Framingham to Essex County Jail in Middleton, Lilliana Marie Palomo claimed that while being booked in Essex County jail, a correctional officer removed their glove, penetrated her, then put their glove back on and carried on with booking her. The report to State Police also claims that Lilliana Palomo threw a cup of water at the accused correctional officer.

Following the report, Lilliana Palomo was taken to Lawrence General Hospital for medical examination while the case was investigated by both Massachusetts State Police and Essex County Jail Officials. But it turns out there was no evidence to support the fictim's claim.

April 2019. A state police sergeant and member of the investigation team spoke again to Lilliana Palomo, who this time confessed to fabricating both the rape story and the water throwing incident. Her excuse for lying is that she was not taking her medication for mental illness at the time. This excuse was later echoed by the prosecutor in court. You read that right - not the defense but the prosecutor.

June 05, 2019. During her arraignment for Assault and Battery plus the latest false reporting, 26-year-old Lilliana Marie Palomo pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her attorney cited that she was recovering from an earlier injury which causes her to "pass-out". Of course, there is always an excuse for lying. Most times it's just another lie. But here comes the interesting part. Of all people involved in the case, the prosecutor himself requested a lenient $2,500 cash bail for the fictim, citing her eight-page criminal record, including 14 missed court dates, and the fact she's currently on probation with a suspended sentence in a Chelsea open and gross lewdness case, Julie Manganis reported for SalemNews.

The reason why Lilliana Marie Palomo's criminal record is so lengthy can easily be traced in her arrest history. In July 2015 she was arrested for disorderly conduct and four warrants. She was again arrested in April 2016 for disorderly conduct, and again in November 2017 for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. However, the judge gave her defending team a better offer than proposed by the prosecutor, releasing Lilliana Palomo on a $10,000 personal surety bond. That means she does not have to post any bail except if she again fails to appear in court. In all of these, her false reporting is not even factored in as a problem. What an intelligent judge. It's like saying: "let's spare the feeding of false rape hysteria folks, it's nothing". Nothing until he himself becomes a victim, that is. Shame on fictims (fake victims)

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