Shavona Miller

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Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Another privileged "woman" mad at boyfriend decides that the best way to express her suspicion of him cheating is to make a false police report of carjacking and childjacking against him. How much hysteria is too much?

May 14, 2019. Before 10:45 am. The Valley. Shavona Miller dialed 911 and told police that while she was folding a stroller, an unknown man suddenly took off with her car and her month-old baby in it. Shavona described the vehicle as a blue Dodge Charger and alleged she chased the car on foot for a short distance and even threw a stone at it, breaking a window before losing sight of it at the West shopping complex.

Following the report, multiple officers from all over the valley sprung into action, searching for the missing car and baby. Less than half an hour later, police located the car and apprehended the male driver. But behold it was not a stranger, not as earlier reported by Shavona Miller. In fact, the driver was her boyfriend and father of the child. This false accuser is similar to the other liars we covered here , here and here. Meanwhile, Uncle Sam is pouring our money into #StartByBelieving (AKA #BelieveWomen) campaign making monsters out of men.

Fortunately, in this case, police listened to the child's father who gave them a totally different account of the incident. Shavona had gotten into an altercation with him because she suspected he was cheating on her. While fired up, she left with another child, leaving the month-old baby with him, the father. He then drove to a gas station with the baby unaware of what was going to happen next until the fictim texted and called him to advise that she had reported the car stolen and the baby missing.

Mr. Boyfriend was also able to present text message evidence to prove his account of the event. Additionally, the broken window of the car happened a day earlier, on May 13, 2019. Shavona only cunningly used it to prop-up her fake childjacking victimhood.

May 15, 2019. Based on evidence obtained by investigators, 23 year-old Shavona Miller was arrested and charged with filing a false report, unlawful use of 9-1-1 and child endangerment. She was booked in the Clark County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said she placed her child in a situation where law enforcement utilized "high-risk apprehensive tactics". Apparently so. But what about the man she falsely accused? Police never mentioned how her lies would have ruined him, had he no exculpatory evidence to back up his account. Childjacking is an increasingly used tactic by false accusers against their targets. While the highly controversial Alabama bill against false sexual assault accusations presents itself as a glimmer of hope for common sense, it is just too narrow compared to the creative versatility of mendacious women who wish to falsely accuse men. Besides, it might take another few decades plus a miracle for lawmakers to personally experience being falsely accused of all categories of crime, for them to acknowledge others who suffer it.

As the saying goes: It never happens, Until it happens to you.
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