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Johnny Matthews

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Added: May 20, 2019  

West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Racist attacks man for looking at a nearby piece of land then calls the police and falsely reports having been shot by the man he attacked.

May 20, 2019. Following a brief incident with a man whom he first attacked, racist Johnny Matthews called 911 and reported that he was shot in the arm and leg by the man.

What actually happened? the man was sitting in his car, looking at an empty plot of land when Johnny Matthews yelled at him aggressively to get off the property. Before man had a chance to comply, Johnny approached and physically attacked the man with multiple punches to the face while he was still in the driver's seat. The man then tried to reverse the car and get away, which is how Johnny got knocked down in the process.

Johnny Matthews then got all victimish calling 911 to claim he was shot twice by the man. However, when a drove of cops and Emergency Service first responders showed up, they found no injuries on Johnny suggesting he was shot.

May 20, 2019. 53 year-old Johnny Matthews was arrested and charged with Simple Battery and Criminal Mischief for Falsely Reporting a crime. He bonded out soon after. There seem to be a lot of scared or High or Seeing-things racist 50s men in this area. Remember the other one here

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