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Rosa Lynn Torres

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Added: Jun 8, 2019  

Merkel, Abilene, Taylor County, Texas. A tag team of empowered liars made of mom and daughter Rosa Torres fabricate domestic violence and child abuse combo incident against her ex-husband. This story is like a speck of the other fictimhood here .

May 31, 2019. fictim (false victim) Rosa Lynn Torres along with her evil accomplice mother here told police that a named man pointed a gun at them at a gas station, and also hit a three-year-old child.

June 03, 2019. The accused man turned himself in for interrogation but was arrested on unrelated charges. Meanwhile, during the investigation, surveillance camera footage from the gas station and other areas of Abilene were reviewed and the accused man was seen on numerous video angles with timestamps corresponding to the time of the alleged incident. However, the reported violence did not occur. Merkel Police also learned that the accused man is the ex-husband of Rosa Lynn Torres.

June 06, 2019. In a follow-up interview with Rosa Torres and her co-fibster mom here, both women confessed to having fabricated the entire incident. No official motive for why they lied. Not that it matters.

June 07, 2019. 32 year-old Rosa Lynn Torres and her accomplice here were arrested and charged with false report to a police officer. Both women were booked in Taylor County Jail but bonded out soon on $1,000 for both criminals.

Like Mother Like Daughter. Watch this space

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