Taylor Grucza

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Grove City, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. One more racist dealer of sorts loses possessions to recklessness, then falsely reports having been robbed.

June 09, 2019. fictim Taylor Grucza physically walks into Grove City Police Department and claimed to have been robbed by three men on the previous day. He claimed the attack happened near Memorial Park and he proceeded with describing the alleged attackers, none of whom looked like him.

However, an investigation revealed a different story connecting the fictim to recklessness which he tried to cover-up by making the false report. Our young men these days have totally lost it and they need help. See other examples here , here , here , here and here .

June 11, 2019. 19-year-old Taylor Grucza was charged with filing a false report to law enforcement, which is a misdemeanor with required bail no more than $1,000.
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