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Cortland City, Cortland County, New York. Feeling Moody? Being raped by a ghost is a rare but interesting one. Rose Moody tried it though by narrating her sexual assault fantasies with a male ghost which she described to cops as a "man". What a unique way to perpetuate the false rape hysteria.

May 22, 2019. fibster Rose Moody reported to police that a man confronted her at the intersection of Tompkins Street and Main street. She alleged that the man grabbed her by the throat, forced her to the Cortland Rural Cemetery on Tompkins Street, and proceeded with sexually assaulting her at the back of a building. Rose Moody further polished her fibstering arts by giving investigators a detailed description of her alleged male attacker.

However, after about nine days of pussy-induced homework (AKA false rape investigation) covered by taxpayers, police concluded that the reported incident did not happen. Rose Moody had fabricated it, a hoax. Meanwhile, there is a #StartByBelieving camp on the other side of reality, heavily funded by the DOJ, to convince the whole world that pussybearers never lie about sexual assault. Whatever you lose upstairs, don't let libtards rob you of your common sense. You have a natural and constitutional right to the true reality.

May 31, 2019. 18-year-old fibster and rape fantasist Rose Moody of Main Street Cortland was arrested and charged with one count of third-degree falsely reporting an incident, and one count of second-degree offering a false instrument for filing, both misdemeanors. She was released and arraigned for June 14, 2019, in City Court.

Whatever happens to Rose Moody as a consequence of her taxpayer resource and law-enforcement time wasting lies, you can bet your whole savings it will not be enough to deter her from the path of feeding a false rape hysteria society. This is New York. Watch this space.

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