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Christina Kempton

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Added: Jun 18, 2019  

Marlborough, Cheshire County, New Hampshire. Bingo-winged bird can't fly, but she can talk. With heterosexual rape fantasies but not so much sexual assailability, she decides to fake it by MeTooing herself with a false police report. We loaded a bunch of her likes here , here , here , here , etc. However, this one packs uniqueness and here is why...

In the lead up to Christina Kempton's false rape report, her social media activities indicated chronic loneliness and it's easy to see why. She sometimes made no less than 20 posts/shares in one day. Let's ignore the rest of the garbage and start from one day before her false report.

April 23, 2019. One post said: "I LIKE BEING ALONE LISTENING TO MUSIC IN MY OWN LITTLE WORLD... AWAY FROM ALL THE BULLSHIT IN MY LIFE" (depicting living skeleton sitting in a coffin with a guitar). A following post on the same day depicted similar skull heads hanging in chains, with words: "I'm not anti-social. I just don't tolerate drama and fake ass people!!!". Persistently, the same day she unleashed another cry of loneliness: "I don't want a perfect person, I just want someone to act silly with, someone who treats me well & loves being with me more than anything". But that post too did not fetch her the man of her dreams. With her loneliness and boredom reaching unbearable psycho levels, Christina Kempton decided to "act silly" alone and launch all 300+ pounds of herself as a cockbearer-destroying missile, MeToo Style.

April 24, 2019. Christina E. Kempton (AKA Christina Struthers) went to Marlborough Police Department and reported that she was a victim of sexual assault earlier in April 2019 by a named man. She described the alleged incident in graphic details which anyone who knows her fascination for Fifty Shades of Grey wouldn't even bother to analyze. After the complaint, she came back on social media with a new post: "Cops Suck" insinuating that she was not believed.

Following the report, though unbelievable, police still launched an inquiry into a "possible aggravated felonious sexual assault" against the named man. But it turns out the report was just smoke without fire. In other words, false, fabricated, concocted, there was nothing. However, police delayed exposing this liar for some mysterious reasons.

Meanwhile, Christina Kempton shared another post depicting a man taking a woman in coitus from behind, in horizontal positioning. The post displayed the words: "I wanna be loyal and nasty with the same person forever". That post was shared on the same day she reported being raped.

April 25, 2019. Suddenly, Tada! Christina Kempton's social media status says she's in a relationship. We can only guess she either garnered the affection from sympathy aroused by her false rape claim OR whoever took up the mammoth task of enduring a new relationship with a false rape accuser was most likely involved in the planning stages of the false accusation. Just a thought

However, even after her seeming romantic 'breakthrough', Christina Kempton continued with her lonely social media life of posting multiple news items of alleged missing children and women and sharing multiple memes reflective of her feelings and personality. One "WOW game" she played returned results she posted:

And long before it came to this, it seems someone on her list had enough...

June 18, 2019. The 33-year-old great liar, Christina E. Kempton, mother of three, was charged with one count of making a false report to a police officer, and one count of unsworn falsification, both misdemeanors. She was released on $0 bail and scheduled for arraignment on August 01, 2019.

Just when we thought it's the last we heard of this fictimhood (false victimhood), oh no! not from Christina Kempton. Despite the utmost leniency she has so-far enjoyed for the false reporting, she still took to social media to express contempt and maintain her lies about having been raped by the man she accused.

Whatever happens on August 01, 2019, for sure, it will not be a deterrent from lying let alone wasting taxpayer resources on a fibster rape fantasist, but let's wait and see. Meanwhile, here are some other post shares of this fictim you might find interesting...

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