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Ronetta Ann Clement

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Jun 17, 2019  

Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas. A woman chooses none other than Fathers Day to falsely accuse the father of her child of threats and endangerment of the child. Police first buy her BS and demonize the father all over the media, but came back with a change of tone after investigation.

June 16, 2019. Fathers Day. Empowered mendaciousness embodied by Ronetta Ann Clement, told Wichita police that her named ex was refusing to return their 2-year-old daughter to her custody, claiming that the ex also made threats of homicide and suicide which put the child's life in danger. She even offered her own daughter's photo as a sacrifice in the 'ritual'.

Following the report, Wichita Police Department officers some of whom are fathers themselves were quick to play the pussy-piper, issuing a warrant for father and releasing the photos of both father and child in a public statement saying: “(Child's name) is believed to be in danger and is with her biological father, (father's name).” As expected, photos of the father and child circulated social media platforms as efforts to locate the pair began. All of these, based on a woman's word alone.

As the saying goes: A lie goes halfway around the world before the truth can put its boots on. Rightly so, after 117 hours of a police investigation, it was determined that the girl's father did not make the homicidal and suicidal threats that Ronetta Clement reported. At this point of truth, hopefully, WPD realized that all they had done with taxpayer funds, law-enforcement time and public confidence; was to help a vindictive woman ruin Fathers Day for one innocent man and one innocent child who has a natural right to uninterrupted biological fatherhood. And so, they (WPD) came back with a change of tone in yet another public statement aimed at quelling public concerns on the issue, but at the same time defending their decision to endanger a child and her father based on a woman's word alone.

June 17, 2019. According to Wichita PD to the press: “If anyone is making homicidal or suicidal statements, that’s a huge concern for us and that’s why we (had) put the statement out.” Meanwhile, 34-year-old lying Ronetta Ann Clement was arrested and booked in Sedgwick County jail on suspicion of interfering with law enforcement and providing false information. No official charges and no mention of bail or bond. Watch this space.

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