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Updated: Aug 1, 2019  

Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. Straight from the Hood, a rape fantasy that made it to court. One taxi driver had a lot to regret, but much more to be thankful for after getting off a false rape allegation by a random drunk racist customer named Laura Hood. She got 3 years in pokey, on paper.

January 08, 2017 (early morning hours). An era we remember with hardcore anti-male feminist Alison Saunders still directing the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and looking to up the number of convicted sexual assailants by all means necessary. Laura Hood added to such 'means', sobbing and playing traumatized, with a false rape complaint to her mom, and then to law-enforcement, against an innocent taxi driver who did nothing but bring her back home safely. The rape fantasist detailed her bogus encounter to the police saying that after a night out with friends in Manchester City during which she lost her phone, she saw people getting off a taxi and went to inquire about the cab fare to Stockport. And then...

"He (the taxi driver) indicated left and I knew he was going the wrong way. He pulled up, got in the back of the taxi and I was scared - he put on a condom and pulled my knickers down to my knees kissing me all over. His hands were all over me - he then tried to have sex with me it was hurting. I didn’t say anything, I was so scared, I couldn’t fight him off, I just wanted it to end." ... "When he finished he just got off me and drove me back to the top of my road. He was pulling me towards him as he was having sex with me," she alleged.

Although Laura Hood, the rape fantasist, had described her attacker as Asian in his late 50s with a thin face and no facial hair, police still arrested the dark-skin taxi driver who does not fit the given description, because he drove the fictim (false victim) during those early morning hours. Though he denied the allegations, the cab driver was detained for 20 hours during which he was severely interrogated by officers and compelled to give intimate samples for testing before being released. Another driver was also arrested and held for 14 hours, interrogated and forced the give intimate samples. However, the key accused man remained the dark-skin driver, and he had mentioned that his cab had a tracker which became the major piece of evidence.

Furthermore, police investigation findings supported the taxi driver's account of what happened. i.e. The driver had told Laura Hood that the cab fare would be £25 (Approx $32), and so he stopped at an ATM where Laura withdrew money and returned to the taxi moments later before the taxi proceeded to drop her off at her destination. The ATM surveillance Camera also confirms this version of events. Additionally, forensic evidence refutes any claims of physical contact between Laura Hood and the driver.

Despite being confronted by an investigator, with the pieces of exculpatory evidence: the cab driver's tracker and the fact he did not match her description of the perpetrator, Laura Hood maintained that she had been raped. This is one diehard fictim (false victim) who refused to retract her statement and eventually dragged herself all the way to trial.

June 19, 2019. Minshull Street Crown Court. 27-year-old Laura Hood was arraigned on a charge of perverting the course of justice. She pleaded NOT guilty before the trial. However, during the trial, she eventually admitted that the taxi driver did not rape her, but says somehow that she "honestly believed" she was "raped" while in that taxi, and so, perverting the course of justice was not her intention. Now the question is: What was her motive with the false rape report? Not that it matters but this one looks like out-of-the-blue racism.

June 26, 2019. Minshull Street Crown Court. Orchestrated Trauma Fail! Laura Hood had claimed that she honestly believed she had been raped and she maintained that line of defense for over two years. However, a forensic psychiatrist who evaluated the fictim during the investigation phases reported that there was neither a medical nor psychiatric explanation for Laura's false belief. In other words, no more excuses for the Trauma Drama Queen.

A jury deliberated on the case and by 10 to 2 majority, returned a guilty verdict against Laura Hood for perverting the course of justice. The female presiding judge indicated that Laura would be sentenced to prison, come August 01, 2019. We shall see.

In a victim impact statement read in court, the falsely accused man said: "It still affects me in my day-to-day life. I don't know if I will ever come back fully from this. Before this incident, I was a strong person. However, I'm now negative and worry that things can go wrong." ... "This is the most disgusting thing that anyone can be accused of." ... "When I pick up single female passengers I always worry that something could happen again." .

-- Update --

August 01, 2019. Minshull Street Crown Court. Laura Hood was sentenced to three years in jail. The female presiding judge said to the sobbing convicted law firm staff: “You were convicted by a jury, of perverting the course of justice by making a false allegation of rape against an entirely innocent taxi driver.”... “Your actions showed blatant disregard for the rights of these men and the effects of making such allegations of people. What you did strikes at the very heart of criminal justice, not only on innocent people’s lives being potentially destroyed, but there is a tendency to damage the public’s perception of the criminal justice system and the impact on the administration of justice in rape cases generally.”

Of course, we know that Laura Hood is highly unlikely to serve all three years in jail. But at least on paper, it sends a message.

Now, imagine if there was no exculpatory evidence to dismiss charges against the accused men. Though fully justified, if the taxi drivers decide to completely avoid picking up female passengers, there will be a drove of whining critics and anti-discrimination fanatics who do not care to consider the root of the problem. False rape accusations against cab drivers are not rare in the UK, see here. But the most significant one we covered was by this Serial fictim here. Watch this space

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