Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark

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Traverse, ‎‎Grand Traverse County, Michigan. A so-called rape victim who can't remember her rape victimhood, because it never happened. Dolt and serial liar Mikayla Zachman-Clark falsely cried rape, then later claimed she does not remember making the allegations. This is not her first time to falsely accuse a man of rape.

July 2016. A halfwit fictim by the name of Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark reported to troopers that she was raped by a man near the TART Trail in downtown Traverse City. An investigation was launched, a suspect was arrested and subjected to a medical examination. However, subsequent DNA testing later cleared the innocent man.

According to court documents, when she was again contacted by the troopers with the test results, Mikayla in what appears to be a whole new level of idiotism, claimed to have no memory of the incident and no memory of reporting it. “I don’t even remember reporting it at all,” she said.

This is not the first time Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark has played her female privilege piper with authorities. On October 3, 2013, she reported to authorities that her ex-boyfriend forced a pill down her throat and raped her outside a Keystone Road auto repair shop. A Grand Traverse County sheriff’s deputy found numerous contradictions in her story and interviewed witnesses who raised doubts about her credibility. When the deputy confronted Zachman-Clark with discrepancies in her version of events, she eventually admitted she made up her story about being raped. Witness testimonies reveal she was mad at her ex-boyfriend and that's why she tried to teach him a lesson. She was charged for filing a false report, and eventually cleared by a court in Feb 2014. That was then, this is now.

February, 2018. After having pleaded guilty to her latest false reporting, 22-year-old Mikayla Lynn Zachman-Clark was charged and sentenced to time served with no fines or costs. A prior charge of falsely reporting a felony against her was dropped.

So, again, she walks away with no consequences. Shame on this fictim and our injustice system
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