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Kathryn Baker

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Jun 19, 2019  

Prattville, Autauga County, Alabama. One more rape fantasist who couldn't keep it to herself, defended by the lawyer to have a "propensity" to "believe" her "dreams are real". This excuse exclusively applies to pussypass liars, particularly false rape accusers. It worked again, this time, for Kathryn Baker.

April 22, 2019. Kathryn V Baker reported to police that two armed men broke into their Hunting Ridge home and raped her. Spare the boring XXX graphic details.

As the home is located in downtown Prattville, one of the city’s more exclusive neighborhoods, investigators were rightly unalarmed by the woman's word alone. They arrived at the home and began to question the veracity of the break-in and rape claim. Needless to deploy more advanced methods of investigation, none of the other home occupants nor the neighbors saw or heard any commotion. More importantly, the family dog was inside the house at the time of the reported incident but also saw and/or heard nothing out of the ordinary.

According to the Police Chief: “That’s why we did not publicize the case, because we had doubts and concerns from almost the very beginning,”... “The evidence did just not support the story we were being given. We didn’t want to cause citizens any undue alarm,” Montgomery Advertiser reports

June 19, 2019. fictim Kathryn V. Baker pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of falsely reporting an incident. Her defense attorney reportedly said “Her perception of the events, your honor, she was under prescription medications that have a propensity to make you believe your dreams are real,” insinuating that the fictim had no malicious intent by the false reporting. Of course, there is always an excuse.

Pussypass Granted

The judge accepted the plea and gave Kathryn Baker a 90-day suspended jail sentence and imposed a $1,000 fine along with one-year unsupervised probation. Additionally, she was ordered to pay $427 restitution. According to the judge: “This is an extremely serious case,”...“It expends resources of the police department in investigating something that never happened. And people with legitimate cases had action on their cases delayed as officers investigated this situation,” Montgomery Advertiser reports.

Even though the punishment is lenient, the overall handling of this case indicates that Alabama Authorities, particularly in Autauga County, do not have a glutton for libtardism-induced fake victimhood BS, unlike almost all of the rest of the United States. That explains why they have some of the lowest incident rates of false reporting. Unfortunately, though, the infectious federal-sponsored female victimology industry has them in range. Look no further than the current challenges faced with passing common sense criminalization of witting false rape accusations, to see what the future holds for AL. Watch this space

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