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Rebbecca Spring Nielson

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Added: Jun 25, 2019  

Bluffdale, Salt Lake County, Utah. Jealous woman impersonates her husband and claims she was murdered by her husband, just to test the other woman. But Rebbecca Nielson's would-be ghost emerges unharmed when the police arrive.

June 25, 2019. Around 2 am. Emergency Services got notified via a 911 call, that a man had shot and killed his wife but "didn't know what to do" next. The female caller being morally remote-controlled by text messages from a person whom she thought was the shooter, reaffirmed the veracity of the reported incident.

And so, a drove of armed officers from the Bluffdale, Saratoga Spring, Herriman, and Unified Police departments went to the home SWAT-Style, secured the perimeter and called for Mr. Husband to come outside with his hands up. As police were about using deadly force against the falsely accused man, Rebbecca Nielson (the wife who was reported to have been shot dead) walked up to officers and identified herself.

Mr. Husband lucky to not be shot dead by police had a chance to tell his side of the story. He and his wife, Rebbecca got in an argument over the other woman around 10 pm the previous night, during which Rebbecca grabbed his phone and left the property. Shortly after, she returned to resume the quarrel over which she hysterically smashed his $1,000 valued laptop on the floor.

According to Police, Rebbecca confessed to taking her husband's phone and sending the false text messages about her own death to the woman with whom she suspected her husband of cheating, because she “wanted to see how she would respond” — and if she would help her husband cover up the crime. She even went so far as allowing an emergency response to her falsity. According to a probable cause statement from the 3rd District Court: “When the complainant (The other woman) asked if she should call an ambulance, the complainant received a message from the friend's (Mr. Husband's) phone number stating, ‘yes.'”

June 25, 2019. 44-year-old Rebbecca Spring Nielson was arrested and booked in Salt Lake County Jail on charges of false emergency reporting: on emergency involving injury and death, which is a third-degree felony; and also criminal mischief, which is a class A misdemeanor in Utah. Her bail was set at $6,950.

Prior to the swatting incident, the couple had reportedly lived together in matrimony for about 10 months. It just goes to show how hysteria allows a 10-minute argument to ruin a 10-month marriage. Things have gone very wrong in similar circumstances. Now, imagine if the police failed to apply sufficient discretion with the use of deadly force when they secured the residence in an attempt to apprehend the man who they thought was a dangerous wife killer? Rebbecca Spring Nielson would no longer have this husband to argue with. I guess that would make her happier. Watch this space!

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