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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Female student enjoys a sexual fling with an extra male to whom she lied that she had broken up with her boyfriend. And then she cried rape against him and even got her boyfriend to join her in torturing him, just to cover up her own iniquities. For attempting to murder two men emotionally AND physically, the Australian feminist justice system chose Community Service to be the appropriate punishment for the manipulative, exploitive and violent drama cunt.

December 2016. RMIT University. Nursing student Ge Zhang ( 张歌 AKA 小张 ) embarked on a liquor-packed fling with a male schoolmate, on a mission of venery which led to a one-night-stand in his apartment. Before it came to that, though, mendacious Ge Zhang had told the extra male that she called it quits with her (ex-)boyfriend, and so the coast was clear for XXX. But her lies didn't end there.

After the sex, seemingly from the realization of a regretful deed and an effort to save her one-year-old relationship with her alpha male, Ge Zhang went to the other side of the aisle and withdrew consent retrospectively claiming she had been raped by the extra male. And from then on, the drama was on. She began threatening the innocent extra male and even went back to his apartment and coerced him to beg for her mercy in written apologies to herself and her boyfriend, threatening suicide and to tell his girlfriend if he didn't. Ge Zhang took photos of the extra male on his knees begging her. Now, imagine a woman with guts to back alone into the same apartment of a man she claimed had overpowered and raped her? And even single-handedly having the ability to force that man to beg her, shows that she was fully in control of her so-called "rape", but that's a topic for another day...

While in the extra male's apartment making threats, Ge Zhang texted her original boyfriend to show up for more action. The fired-up mangina boyfriend arrived with handy tools like chili powder, threw it at the extra male's face and rushed him, kicking him and hitting his head with the chill powder bottle. The extra male was also ordered to take off his pants after which he was kicked three times in the genitals and imprisoned in his own bathroom, tortured and bleeding for about three hours.

Meanwhile, Ge Zhang used his computer without his permission, to send a message to his girlfriend calling him a rapist "。。。你的男朋友�?�强奸犯。。。" ("Your boyfriend is a rapist"), with attached evidence of him kneeling and apologizing to her. On receiving the message, the extra male's girlfriend called-in and Ge Zhang came through with her threats claiming that her boyfriend had raped her. So the extra male's girlfriend urgently headed for his apartment while calling the police at the same time... But the violent couple had already left the extra male's apartment.

As if that wasn't far enough for Ge Zhang, in an inflated sense of cuntworth, threatened to destroy the extra male's reputation on campus if he didn't pay her A$5,000 (Approx. $3,502 USD ). When the extra male refused, Ge Zhang called the police claiming she had been raped. But unfortunately for her, the extra male's girlfriend had already called the police to report the threats and the violence from Ge Zhang's camp.

December 2016. Mr. Boyfriend and the extra male were arrested. During interrogation and investigation, the truth came out which caused Mr. Boyfriend to turn against Ge Zhang. "You are a terrible person", he said to Ge Zhang, further revealing to police that he himself has been abused by her in the past. The duo's acquaintance reportedly goes way back to their high-school years in China but started their romantic relationship in Australia. Apparently, in this situation, it was time to call it quits.

February 19, 2019. Victoria County Court. 24-year-old Ge Zhang who earlier pleaded guilty to intentionally causing injury and blackmail was sentenced to a three-year community corrections order with 300 hours of community service. Her (ex-)boyfriend and accomplice was sentenced to 18 months of community corrections order with 200 hours of unpaid Community service. His student visa was also revoked so he can neither further his studies in Australia nor continue his previous job as a personal fitness trainer. This means, in reality, the pussy-serving tool who #Start(ed)ByBelieving got more punishment than the mastermind rape fictim cunt herself.

The County Court presiding Judge referred to Ge Zhang as anything but truthful. In her own words: "You said it (you were raped) to try and save your relationship," ... but "You are a very self-focused person ... capable of manipulative behaviour." The judge further described Ge Zhang as a "vindictive", "spiteful" and a "self righteous" person who clinged on false victimhood.

All in all, this story also reveals in epic proportions (at worst) the agenda OR (at best) the stupidity of whoever said: "women never lie about their rape". That's like saying "Snakes crawl on straight lines" Oh for crying out loud, just take a look at the chain of lies in this one: First the lie to get laid, then the rape lie, then multiple lies just to maintain the rape lie.

Even though the female judge described the pussy-serving accomplice's violent behaviour as an act of "loyalty or chivalry" (not Toxic Masculinity because it served Ge Zhang's malicious Hypoagency), he still paid a bigger price than the cunt. All guys should note this carefully when responding to their whining cunt's victim-playing. You are simply being used.

Since all parties involved in this incident are Chinese, let's take another look at this from the Chinese cultural context. In China, everyone takes full responsibility for their actions equally, irrespective of gender. That means if this had happened in China, Ge Zhang would have been appropriately shamed long before she would have the chance to be delivered a healthy dose of real justice, as opposed to the pussypass "community service" she got in Australia. The great culture and justice system of China is what every true Equality Advocate should draw inspiration from. Unfortunately, most equality-mongers are just anti-masculinity hypocrites. Watch this space!
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