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Angela England

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Aug 9, 2013  

Conwy, Wales. Racist dyke on a day-to-night out with her female partner falsely accuses a male taxi driver of rape just for her own entertainment. When she got busted though, she constructs a more "acceptable reason" for her man-hating mendacious: she wanted her partner to feel bad for leaving her out there with the driver. Talk to the hand!

May 30, 2012. Night. Angela England showed up at home looking bedraggled, narrated a dreadful sexual assault story to her partner, and then called the police to report that the taxi driver who brought her back as far as near her home had raped her that night. She claimed that while her partner left, the cab driver drove her to a nearby school and raped her.

Following the accusation, the taxi driver was shamefully apprehended in front of his colleagues in a taxi lineup, held in North Wales police station for 18 hours during which he was severely interrogated and forced to strip naked for an intimate and embarrassing examination. He could neither sleep nor eat during this time due to anxiety. Even after being released, he was unable to face people as many knew what he was accused of. His license was suspended and he lost about £2,000 (Approx. $2,516) in earnings. However, even after a week later when he managed to get back on the road, customers who knew about the allegations threw their money on the ground rather than handing it to him. He also endured a stream of invective in the lines of "rapist" and "bloody foreigner". There is no overstating what a man goes through in limbo of a false rape accusation.

Investigation results which did not come soon enough would rebuff the fictim's claims. Fortunately, the cab was fitted with a GPS tracker which proved that Angela England was lying. The taxi never moved to any nearby school and there was no physical interaction between Angela and the driver. Consequently, she herself was in-turn charged with perverting the course of justice.

May 30, 2013. 42-year-old Angela England who had moved to Manchester, admitted to perverting the course of justice, claiming that she has since tried to improve herself by training as a nurse but had been in abusive relationships which caused her to harm herself and be suicidal. Of course, this excuse is in a quest for pussypass.

What actually happened that night?

According to the prosecutor. Angela England finished work early along with her female partner at about 3.15pm. They decided to join a 60th birthday party celebration in Llandudno where they stayed until 11.10 pm before pub-hopping until 1am. Their taxi driver is reported to have stopped near Mochdre and told the lesbians that their cab fare would be £16 (Approx. $20.10). Angela English had only £10 (Approx. $12.55) while her partner had nothing. The driver was then keen that one of the women go get money from an ATM. Consequently, Angela's partner got out of the cab, but rather than go and get the money, she walked the short distance back to their home. About 25 minutes later Angela England showed up at their home looking disheveled and then made the false allegation that she had been raped.

English for England

August 09, 2013. Mold Crown Court. Richard English, the defense attorney of the fictim (false victim) said the accusation was not borne out of malice towards the driver but was an attempt to make Angela England's partner feel guilty for leaving her in the car and not returning. "She recognizes the awful harm she has caused and has apologized to him by letter and through this court," said Mr. English.

"False allegation of rape is a terrible thing which affects not only the person against whom you make the accusation but it affects the prospects of women genuinely raped from receiving justice in their case...."

"I accept in your case this allegation was made not out of malice to the taxi driver but to cause disruption to your partner. You resented the fact she had walked off," said the judge while granting the pussypass.

The initially considered prison sentence for Angela England was three years, but the judge said he reduced it to 20 months taking her guilty plea and psychological difficulties into account. Watch this space

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