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Lisa Marie Soest

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Collinsville, Madison County, Illinois. Wench chooses Wild for a night out, but things didn't go wild yet she still cried rape and landed herself on criminal charges.

February 04, 2016. Rape fantasist Lisa Marie Soest reported that about 12:40 a.m while she was getting "some air" at the Wild Country nightclub parking lot, she talked to an unknown man she described as a “clean-cut” male in his mid-20s with dark hair and sleeve tattoos. Suddenly the man allegedly tried to kiss her but she refused his advances, then he pulled her into a car, punched her and sexually assaulted her.

A serious investigation into the alleged incident was launched. The owner of the club and employees were interviewed along with other potential witnesses. The club was having a “college night” at the time of the alleged incident, so there could have been many young people in the club, including the parking lot, yet, no one reported noticing anything out of the ordinary. “a thorough investigation” eventually determined that Lisa Soest provided “false information" and "no assault took place,” the report said.

February 10, 2016. The Madison County Illinois State's Attorney’s Office filed felony charges against Lisa Soest - two counts of obstructing justice by providing false information to a police, also disorderly conduct for a violation “against the peace and dignity of the said people of the state of Illinois,” as she is originally from Imperial, Missouri.

February 11, 2016. Shortly after her arrest, Lisa Soest posted $5,000 of the $50,000 bond for her release. Over a year stalling in the case had Lisa Soest's attorney claiming mental illness to get her a pussypass. Eventually, her legal team evaded a would-be three-year sentence as a result of a plea deal.

April 05, 2017. A court decided that 22-year-old Lisa Marie Soest be placed under court supervision for one year. If she stays out of trouble during her supervision, she will not be convicted. She was also ordered to pay a fine of $1,500 and an additional $650 in restitution.

What was Lisa Soest's motive in making the false rape report though? According to the club's manager, for safety reasons, when people leave the club they are not allowed back in. It is possible that Lisa was not allowed back in that's why she fabricated the rape story as revenge against the club. BND also reported that her tweets on the same day of the rape allegations included words like “kicked out of a bar so that’s how my night is going.” And another tween saying she was “locked outside in the cold because these security guards suck butt.” Whatever the reason/motive might be, it does not justify a lie that has serious consequences beyond the potential of creating skepticism around allegations made by a real victim. Watch this space

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