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Abbie Danyelle Wesley

Suggested by Pierre Alleur

Added: Oct 6, 2017  

Dawsonville, Dawson County, Georgia. Raped in the woods by a masked male, another rape fantasist unleashes yet another hoax in a slew of false sexual assault reports for this year.

October 04, 2017. fictim Abbie Danyelle Wesley reported to police that a masked man grabbed her and raped her in the woods. Spare the fantasy details but the report created panic in the community..

However, during an investigation, "Wesley tendered several statements which were subsequently disproven,"... "Other physical evidence did not substantiate the statements being provided." Additionally, "There were some issues that just didn't sit right with the account of what occurred which led to just further investigation, obviously locations, times, video cameras, things of that nature," The Dawson County Sheriff said. "We went through those, and once she was brought in for a follow-up, she admitted that she had in fact fabricated the story," he added.

October 05, 2017. 22-year-old Abbie Danyelle Wesley was arrested and charged with one felony count of making false statements and writings.

She was released the next day, after posting bond. Watch this space

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