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Added: Jul 5, 2019  

Brooklyn, New York City, New York. A careless woman leaves her car highly vulnerable to theft. After it got stolen, she falsely claimed that her child was abducted in the act, to get police working faster. But her combo victimhood attempt landed her an arrest.

July 04, 2019. Happy Independence Day! Though, not so happy for Tiffany Obi who in a rush to get food, left her car with engine running, keys in the ignition, and door open. Anyone with a shred of caution would suppose that is too tempting for a car thief, especially in Brooklyn. But not Tiffany, to whom food was apparently more important. By the time she came back from the food store, her car was already racing away from her.

Oh My Goodness! Tiffany Obi took to 911 and reported not just the car stolen but a 6-year-old child in the back seat of the car. That report prompted an urgent response and an all-out search by multiple units of officers, with extra assistance from community members. It did not take long before officers found her 2008 Chrysler Pacific abandoned in an alley just over a mile from the spot where it was stolen. However, the car keys were gone and no child was found.

Officers then paid a visit to Tiffany Obi’s home and behold they found the child safe. On questioning Tiffany again, she admitted to lying about the child in order to get a faster police response to her stolen car.

July 04, 2019. 23-year-old Tiffany Obi was charged with False Reporting of a missing child. The car thief was still at large but officers had scanned the vehicle for prints and were working on other means to identify and find the suspect.

As you can see here, it is not uncommon for carjacking victims to claim child abduction victimhood in the process. With so little punishment for liars, their numbers will only increase. Watch this space

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