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Santa Ana, Orange County, California. Rape fantasy crafted by Angela Diaz into victimhood of sorts, an accusation, a jealousy weapon activated against another female who just happens to be her partner's ex-fiancee.

June 24, 2016. After a slew of stalking accusations against the other female, Rape fantasist and schemer Angela Marie Diaz called 911 and said a man entered her garage and attempted to rape her, in relation to her earlier allegation that her partner's ex-fiance was posting rape fantasy ads online with her personal details and setting her up to be raped. Later that day her partner's ex was apprehended by Anaheim police. She spent nearly three months in jail before being released on $100,000 bail.

During the investigation, authorities learned all the threats and solicitations had allegedly come from Angela Diaz herself. She had used phones in the condo she shared with her husband, and in her father’s home in Arizona to make the calls and send the emails, according to prosecutors. By using different servers to route emails to herself Angela Diaz made it seem as if the accused woman was posting the ads about her, prosecutors said. On the rape fantasy ads, when replying to men, Angela Diaz sent photos of herself and details about her personal routine to make it look like she was being targeted by the other woman. She told men that she wanted them to have forcible sex with her, even if she screamed or resisted. At least two men planning to take part in these “rape fantasies” were intercepted by law enforcement, according to prosecutors.

January 06, 2017. 31-year-old Angela Marie Diaz having been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and perjury, was arrested in Phoenix, Arizona, where she is originally from and awaiting extradition to California to face the charges. Angela Diaz was also accused of faking cervical cancer, forging doctor’s notes, and posing as an attorney, prosecutors said.

October 17, 2017. Angela Marie Diaz having pleaded guilty to all felony and misdemeanor charges was sentenced to five years in prison. She is expected to serve most of the sentence in California before being eligible for parole.

This case is the first case we have seen where a female uses her own rape fantasy to incriminate another female. It is apparently the reason why she got felony charges and a harsh sentence. Usually, especially in California, it is only allowed for women to use their rape fantasies to incriminate men. Watch this space

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