April Fox

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Gloversville, Fulton County, New York. You heard of cry-wolf but this one may just be cry-fox. Moody, Quick-tempered, unforgiving, and angry at a family member, she decides that of all cards playable, the rape card is the most appropriate against someone from her household.

March 22, 2015. Termagant named April Fox took to the cops and reported that she had been forcibly raped by her own family member, presumably another Fox.

During an investigation that found discrepancies in her claims, April Fox was re-interviewed but this time she confessed that she had fabricated the story “because she was mad at the accused,” according to police.

March 23, 2015. 23-year-old April Fox was arrested and charged with third-degree filing a false police report, which is a misdemeanor. Watch this space
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