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Dilrushi Mendis

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London, England. Boss ends an extra-marital affair with a secretary and dismisses her. She demands money in exchange for not blackmailing him. He refuses to pay, she comes hard at him with a false rape claim.

March 02, 2014. After having invited her ex-boss to stay over, Dilrushi Mendis told police that the former boss had arrived with alcohol and raped her. The accused man was questioned in police custody but he maintained that he arrived at Dilrushi's house with a friend and he slept in a separate room.

However, an investigation revealed somewhat of a ruse to extort money from the ex-boss, stemming from jilt, guilt, regrets, and vindictiveness.

December 11, 2015. Blackfriars Crown Court. 40-year-old Dilrushi Mendis, mother-of-one, gets a lenient-8 month jail sentence suspended for two years, and was also ordered to complete 80 hours of community service.

The feminist judge subtly justifying the fictim's motive reportedly said: “You have used the criminal justice system to attempt to get a large sum of money from your ex-lover.”.... “There were matters where you were wronged and part of your motive was impure, it was revenge on a man you felt had betrayed you.”

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