Megan Elyse Gabriel

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St. Charles city, St. Charles County, Missouri. A vengeful female criminal arrested on pending warrants protests her detention by playing the female victim card with a false rape accusation against an arresting officer. Like the rest of them here who accuse their detaining officers, SheToo Failed!

March 30, 2019. After being arrested and booked in St Charles City jail on outstanding warrants, Megan Elyse Gabriel alleged that a police officer raped and assaulted her inside her jail cell.

According to a Probable Cause Statement by police: "Gabriel was warned that repeatedly making such a false declaration in a criminal investigation was a crime," .... "was adamant that she was raped in her jail cell and completed a written statement to this effect," St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

As Megan Gabriel made her rape allegation official, it had to be investigated. An officer reviewed surveillance video footage from the cell where she was placed in, which showed she was alone in her cell the entire time. No one entered the cell, and no one went out. That could only mean Megan was raped by a ghost.

March 31, 2019. 28-year-old Megan Elyse Gabriel was additionally charged with misdemeanor filing a false report. Her bail was set at $500.

Wonder not why Megan Gabriel is not your average adamant fibster criminal. Her lengthy record includes forgery, shoplifting, DWI, drug possession and stealing. She has reportedly been also charged before in Florida.
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