Evan Curtis Hudson

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Knoxville, Knox County, Tennessee. Adult rape victim without a pussy is a hard one to pull off. But Evan Hudson would try his luck though as it's more believable from the inside. He even took to prison officials to make it an official fail!

June 22, 2018. fictim Evan Curtis Hudson locked up for other crimes, decides that the pussybearer victim-playing method is the best way to go. And so he took to the prison authorities and reported that his cellmate raped him.

After subsequent investigation proved him to be a liar, Evan Hudson confessed to having fabricated the incident.

June 26, 2018. 23-year-old Evan Curtis Hudson was charged with two counts of filing false reports to an officer with a combined $20,000 bond, according to a report by WATE.

His criminal history includes aggravated burglary, theft, unauthorized use of a credit card, possession of drug paraphernalia, theft, theft of property and forgery. Watch this space
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