Cheilyndra Anjareka Williams

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Douglas, Coffee County, Georgia. Suspected prostitute tries to take down an innocent man through the fake sexual assault industry, but her false rape report ends up with a number of criminal charges against her.

July 08, 2019. Douglas police officers were dispatched to a local park in response to a rape report. When they arrived, Cheilyndra Anjareka Williams told them that she was forcibly raped in the restroom at gunpoint by a named man.

An experienced detective was called to the alleged crime scene to take over the investigation, whereupon, Cheilyndra Williams was taken to Waycross for a forensic medical examination, treatment, and other victim services covered by taxpayers. However, findings from the in-depth investigation yielded shreds of evidence entirely refuting Cheilyndra's claims. The rape report was completely false and the alleged “suspect” was cleared of any wrong-doing.

July 10, 2019. 23-year-old Cheilyndra Anjareka Williams was arrested on charges of False Reporting of a Crime, Making False Statements and Prostitution. She was booked into the Coffee County Detention Center. Watch this space
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