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Added: May 15, 2019  

Bukit Merah, Singapore. Maid, desperate to get home to Indonesia drops a bombshell with a fabricated rape allegation against her boss's husband. It doesn't take long for her to be convicted.

February 07, 2019. The female boss of Indonesian housemaid identified only as Sumaini, alerted police that she made an allegation of "sexually abused". Hours later, the two women showed up at the police station with Sumaini stating that she was raped by the husband of her boss. She claimed it happened on January 15, 2019, at around 6:00 pm.

Within an hour of the report, officers arrested and locked up the accused man. Even though he denied the allegations, he was subject to intense humiliation while an investigation was launched. During the course of the investigation, police also checked Sumaini's phone and discovered intimate social media message exchanges between her and the accused man cluing that they were in a secret relationship - including one stating that she missed the man.

Confronted with the findings, Sumaini who had earlier made a sworn statement that she was raped, eventually confessed that she had given false information to a police officer of the Serious Sexual Crime Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department. Her reason for having lied about the rape is that she wanted to return to Indonesia but her boss (the wife of the accused man) would not let her.

Following the findings and the fictim's (false victim's) confession, the innocent man was released without further action.

May 15, 2019. 29-year-old Sumaini having pleaded guilty to one charge of giving false information to a public servant, was sentenced to a very lenient 14 days in jail. And that's only because the prosecutor urged the judge to give her a jail term because an innocent man was locked up due to her allegations. According to the Law of Singapore, Sumaini crime should fetch her at least one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. But that never happens, courtesy of Women's Empowerment Inequal "Equality". Hold that thought!

Another important aspect of this story is the actions of the maid's boss. One can entirely attribute this incident to her own mistakes. You cannot hire a young, sexually active girl to live with your husband unless you're tired of the marriage. Furthermore, if you already made that mistake, then you cannot be so insensitive to what happens between her and your husband. And if you just happen to have let one slide, you cannot simply take her word if/when she cries rape. It appears that the maid's boss in this story has EITHER completely lost her heterosexual tendencies OR she's just plain stupid. The reason we have not named her is that we believe she has a mental problem. Watch this space.

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