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Kelso, Cowlitz County, Washington. Story of a threesome regret, Empowered woman decides to withdraw consent retrospectively. The pussybearing cry-rape just wouldn't let that one slide and someone other than herself had to take the blame. Fortunately, this one was a fail.

April 02, 2019. Angela Rose Lovelace (AKA Angela / Angie Rogers) and another female reported to Cowlitz County authorities that they had been raped by the same man and that they had obtained sexual assault evidence kits, according to a report by The Daily Chronicle (chronline).

On the same day, Lewis County deputies interrogated the accused man who told them that his sexual encounters with the women, which happened in late March 2019, were consensual. Deputies then contacted the second female who reportedly admitted that the encounter was consensual. Deputies then contacted Angela Lovelace who stuck to the fictimhood narrative claiming that the encounter was not consensual, adding that the man threatened both of them.

However, further investigation revealed more discrepancies in Angela Lovelace's account of the incident. On further questioning her, she eventually confessed to making up the entire rape story because she was "embarrassed about being involved in a threesome". according to court documents.

July 09, 2019. Lewis County Superior Court. 38-year-old Angela Rose Lovelace was arraigned on one count of malicious prosecution which is a class C felony. She was released on $5,000 unsecured bail pending further court hearings. Watch this space.

Her female accomplice was not charged with a crime because she owned up on the lies earlier in the case. Watch this space

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