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Lori Diane Kyles Ferguson

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Added: Jul 12, 2019  

Cleveland, Rowan County, North Carolina. A woman's child's sexuality is not spared in her ploy to incriminate her boyfriend. Lori Ferguson launches a false child sex abuse report which eventually backfires.

July 02, 2019. Angry woman: Lori Diane Kyles Ferguson (AKA Lori Diane Ferguson) told patrol deputies that her boyfriend had molested her one-year-old daughter, claiming that she walked in on him assaulting the child while he was changing her diapers.

After the case was assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division, Lori Ferguson again made the same allegations to detectives. However, an investigation revealed no sexual abuse occurred. Lori Ferguson herself eventually confessed that she had concocted the incident in retaliation against her boyfriend for making her angry.

July 12, 2019. 41-year-old Lori Diane Kyles Ferguson was charged with misdemeanor filing a false police report, booked in Rowan County Jail on a total of $6,500 secured bond which includes her existing felony larceny charge.

Last week we saw here how a vindictive woman used a 13-year-old's sexuality to aid her quest for incriminating her spouse. Today, the ship is sinking even deeper as we see another empowered vindictive woman using her 1-year-old daughter's sexuality in efforts to get her boyfriend in trouble. The questions remain: How far is too far? How much is too much? Watch this space.

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