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Jaden Mackenzie Ousley

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Moultrie, Colquitt County, Georgia. Jealous high-school wench and control freak suspecting that her boyfriend was speaking on phone with another chick, fabricates false victimhood and uses police as her dogs to go get'em.

July 11, 2019. Seven officers from the Colquitt County sheriff’s department responded to a threat report by Jaden Mackenzie Ousley who told them that her boyfriend had threatened her with a gun. The unit of officers split up - two went to where she was, and the other three to catch the alleged perpetrator on another street, according to a report by The Moultrie Observer.

Officers caught up with Mr.Boyfriend but he was able to prove via text message exchanges that Jaden Ousley had said she was going to get him in trouble. Meanwhile, when the officers arrived Jaden Ousley's location, she immediately confessed that she had lied about the threat. She said her boyfriend did not have a gun and had not threatened her. Jaden Ousley said she had fabricated the report because she thought her boyfriend had been on the phone with another female, but then she found out it was a conversation with a local retailer "about a job".

July 11, 2019. 17-year-old Jaden Mackenzie Ousley was charged with misdemeanor filing a false report of a crime. They start out very young these days.

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