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David Louis Gardener

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Added: Jul 15, 2019  

Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Another racist coward secretly calls the cops on innocent African American men because he was "angry at them"

July 01, 2019. Racist David Louis Gardener told the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office that he observed two black males enter his neighbor's home and steal a window unit air conditioner. He claimed the two men transported the air conditioner unit by a dolly, according to a report by The Ouachita Citizen.

Deputies responded and made contact with the two men carrying the air conditioner unit. But after speaking with them, officers determined that “no burglary occurred.”

Deputies then returned to the house where the alleged burglary occurred and then contacted David Gardener who made the report. He then reportedly admitted to deputies that “he personally knew the two men he claimed committed a burglary and was involved in an altercation with them earlier in the day,” adding that was still “angry at the two men,” and so he came up with a false complaint against them.

July 02, 2019. An arrest warrant was issued for 55-year-old David Louis Gardener who was later arrested and booked at Ouachita Correctional Center.

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