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Galen, Wayne County, New York. First date not so great. Instead of going home to sleep it over and try to make herself a better person more tolerable for a next date, vindictive drack Jessica R. Gallagher decided to use a gynocentric legal system as a weapon to destroy an innocent man's life by falsely accusing him of rape, because he wouldn't let her expired butt in his car.

July 2018. Angry that a man she dated did not give her a ride home, Jessica R. Gallagher from Clyde, called 911 and reported that she had been picked up by the stranger whom she met on a dating app. She claimed the man blindfolded her, took her to an unknown house and forcibly raped her. She followed up these claims with a written statement to the Wayne County detectives.

As investigation went further, Jessica Gallagher, a mother of two boys, admitted that she made up the incident because she was mad that the man would not give her a ride home. Jessica was booked and charged with making a punishable false written statement, and falsely reporting an incident.

As expected in our gynocentric society, she's getting only a slap on the wrist for claims that would have potentially put a man behind bars for at least 10 years. However Jessica Gallagher is only to be brought before court on July 18 and remanded to the Wayne County Jail in lieu of $500 cash bail or $1,500 insurance bond.

We keep our fingers crossed for July 18, 2018
LETTER TO Wayne County District Attorney, Mike Calarco

Dear Attorney,

Thousands of men's lives are shattered around the world each year, due to false accusations of sexual crimes. Some like Wilbert Jones have endured long term imprisonment while they lose everything they once knew as a normal life. Others like Ross Bullock have committed suicide due to pressures from the character assassination, defamation and reputation damage which rip apart the core of a man and his prestige. These are our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles.

There is no excuse for putting a man through such hell simply because the society allows it by virtue of gynocentric privileges, which unfortunately, is all too well known to produce imbalance of perception and outcome before the law. In a fair world every sane adult takes responsibility for their words and actions equally, as our modern civilization prescribes. And if their words and / or actions have a potential to put another person away for a long time, they themselves should be faced with equal application of the law.

Dear prosecutor, for justice sake, set an example and prosecute Jessica Gallagher with the same resources, and with the same gravity as you would have prosecuted the man she falsely accused.

Thank you for your attention to the voice of the people

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