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Martinez, Columbia County, Georgia. Yet another woman with fading sexual relevance tries to revive her punani desirability with a gang-rape hoax, feigned to the authorities. She claims she did it to get her husband back

July 16, 2019. Early morning. Rape fantast Jaime Leverett Hutto (AKA Jamie/Jaime M Leverett, Jaime Wombles) called the authorities and claimed that three men intruded into her home and raped her. She detailed that after she let her dog outside, the three men broke in. She ran to the bathroom and locked herself in but the men she described as one black and two white forced their way in, sat on the sink and the black man began cutting her with a "silver object", according to the Sherrif's report.

Jaime Hutto alleged that the black man held her down while the other two white men raped her, and then they made comments like “no one will love her now” and “payback is a B***h,” while they left through the back door.

Following the claims, Jaime Hutto was taken to a hospital where a sexual assault kit was administered. During the investigation, though, deputies noticed no signs of forced entry into the residence yet the bathroom door handle was broken off.

When confronted with the findings, Jaime Hutto confessed to having concocted the whole rape story in hopes to get her husband back. Not that her motive matters, but she had reported a less violent burglary a few hours earlier that same day at the same residence, which leads us to believe that the motive was attention-seeking, and she was willing to turn it up by using her own sexuality.

July 16, 2019. Evening. 42-year-old Jaime Leverett Hutto, of Autumn Leaf Way, was arrested and charged with false reporting of a crime. She was booked at the Columbia County Detention Center. She has since been released on bond. Watch this space.

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