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Ryland Dean Charles McKown

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Added: Jul 16, 2019  

Saint Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota. Scared of Jail, MeToo Male Ryland McKown cries rape against two officers who arrested him on a warrant. The victimhood stunt could have worked for his buddies in bra... but not for him.

July 07, 2019. After being arrested for missing his sentencing hearing on a separate case, Ryland Dean Charles McKown was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment before two deputies transported him to jail. On arrival, Ryland McKown told a St. Paul police investigator that the arresting deputies had raped him at the hospital before transporting him to jail. He claimed he suffered additional injuries from the sexual assault that required further medical attention back at the hospital, according to a report by TwinCities Pioneer Press.

The two deputies denied any misconduct, telling the police investigator the transport was routine. They said McKown made it clear that he was "afraid of going to jail", saying at one point he “would do anything” to avoid it, according to court documents.

In the course of the investigation, video footage was reviewed which shows Ryland McKown being pushed in a wheelchair into the ambulance bay at Regions Hospital before deputies helped him into a vehicle and drove away. Ryland did not appear to have any signs or expressions of someone who had just been sexually assaulted. The timeline between his discharge from the hospital and when he was placed in the transportation vehicle also indicates that the sexual assault as described could not have happened within that momentary timeline.

July 16, 2019. 25-year-old Ryland Dean Charles McKown who has previous convictions for property damage and theft, was charged with false reporting which is a gross misdemeanor.

Just four days ago we loaded a similar fictim here. Well, What do you know! After Terry Crews sat on the senate floor claiming to be a victim of "toxic masculinity", we thought it was the last MeToo spectacle we saw of a cry-rape cockbearer... but we thought wrong, that was only the opening ceremony. As you can see, today's matriarchal society has shaped men into much more than selfie experts, Instagrammers, and narcissists. That said, we will not be surprised if there comes a time when male MeTooers even the number of their female counterparts. Unfortunately, their accused are highly likely to remain male. After all, that's what equality-mongering is all about - fighting the "patriarchy". Watch this space

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