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Ronnie Dewayne Clifton

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Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. A pussyless adult entity takes a shot at the prevalent rape victimhood industry. Unfitting though it may be, Ronnie Clifton's sexual assault complaint stunt earned him nothing but more trouble.

June 19, 2018. habitual fibster Ronnie Dewayne Clifton (AKA Ronnie Dwayne Clifton, Ronnie Wayne Clifton) accused a named male officer of sexually assaulting him during a routine traffic stop on April 06, 2018.

May 2019, Ronnie Clifton repeated the same allegations in a verbal interview with Rome Police

Authorities stated that after receiving and reviewing video evidence from the traffic stop, it was determined that Ronnie Clifton had lied about the incident.

July 12, 2019. 44-year-old Ronnie Dewayne Clifton, who already has a lengthy arrest record including for first-degree forgery, was arrested and charged with felony false statements in writing and misdemeanor false reporting of a crime.

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