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Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida. Blondie subtly reveals herself as racist, with a false burglary report against an imaginary Hispanic male. This is happening shortly after the other false burglary report attempt which the other woman here in Georgia upgraded to false rape claims.

May 09, 2019. Fort Myers Police Department responded to a 911 call from a woman claiming a burglar was in her residence. On arrival, Jamie Kirschner told them that a Hispanic male suspect had fled after having forcefully burglarized her home while she was inside.

Officers secured the perimeter near Fort Myers Country Club and searched the area with a K-9 unit and aerial assistance but could not find the suspect. After several weeks of an extensive investigation that included neighborhood canvasses, multiple interviews, and a sketch artist rendering of a male suspect, it became clear the incident never occurred and was fabricated by Jamie Kirschner, according to Fort Myers Police Department.

Detectives had pointed out several inconsistencies with Jamie’s account of the reported offense from the start, but #BelieveTheVictim (especially the blondie) meant they had to leave no stone unturned, following up on all possible leads, paid for by your taxes. However, it came to a point of absolute certainty that the report by Jamie Kirschner was a complete hoax.

July 18, 2019. 42-year-old Jamie Kirschner was served summons with two misdemeanor charges - of making a False 911 Call and Filing a False Report to Law Authority.

Reading from a prepared statement, "The Fort Myers Police Department takes instances of false reporting very seriously because of the fear it may instill in the affected area as well as the tremendous amount of resources that could have been utilized for legitimate purposes," said a Lieutenant from the FMPD.

It is reported that Jamie Kirschner was an assistant principal of a school, before this incident. You can only imagine how much racism she impacted on those little white kids for as long as she was in that position. Watch this space
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