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Geosie Mitchell

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Added: Jul 19, 2019  

Fort Walton Beach, Okaloosa County, Florida. Another woman declares herself abductable by men, in a false attempted kidnap report to police. Her vulnerability fantasies go far and wide but only earn her a misdemeanor charge. Bleugh!

July 15, 2019. fictim (false victim) Geosie M. Mitchell contacted Fort Walton Beach authorities and reported that two men had tried to kidnap her while she was walking along a trail at Ferry Park. She claimed she had noticed a gray "painter’s-style van" earlier, and again towards the end of the trail, but this time the van had its rear cargo doors open. Suddenly, she alleged, a white man and black man standing beside the van tried to overpower her and place her inside the vehicle. Geosie alleged she was able to escape with minor injuries.

Following the report, Fort Walton beach authorities took to the media to fuel the toxic masculinity hysteria, owning Geosie Mitchell's story and reporting it to the public as factual occurrence while declaring the two described men as wanted suspects. Words like "alleged", "presumed", "likely", etc, were out of stock from the press. For a small city like Fort Walton Beach with just over 20K in population, you can imagine how deeply such news resonates. Meanwhile, an investigation was underway...

July 17, 2019. Acting on information by members of the community, a van fitting Geosie Mitchell's description was pulled over by the Okaloosa County sheriff’s deputies. Two men in the van, also fitting Geosie's description, were detained and questioned by Fort Walton Beach police, after which they were released pending further action. But something just did not add up.

July 18, 2019. In a follow-up interview with Geosie Mitchell, she confessed that she lied about the entire incident just to get attention and sympathy. So, nothing here folks, this was all a hoax, sorry for wasting your time, there was no crime. Oh! no, except one...

July 19, 2019. 22-year-old Geosie M. Mitchell was booked in Okaloosa county jail on charges of making a false report. Her bond was set at $1,000. For someone with a "take-me fantasy", to be taken into custody must have been a happy ending. Watch this space

The mugshot above was obtained from nwfDailyNews. About a year ago, we saw similar fictimhood (false victimhood) here but with an easier deduced motive: a cover-up. As for Geosie's case, many out there would be raising the common question: "Why would anyone do something like that?". Here's a personal take on it - No matter what you think of this fictim (false victim), she was (at least in part) subconsciously expressing her frustration on there not being a legal avenue to explore her innate vulnerability fantasies. Of course, junk science will deny that for the agenda's sake and political correctness. After all, anyone who cares to look closely can see that every natural heterosexual instinct is being increasingly suppressed/criminalized in the modern world bit by bit. Hold that thought!

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