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Tammy Lisa Postma

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Added: Jul 19, 2019  

Cascade Charter Township, Kent County, Michigan. A racist woman stalks and harasses her neighbor's family. When confronted, she calls the cops and falsely reports "gang activity" at their home. Police close the case without charging the racist with any crime. Tells you something about our Law-Enforcement's perspective on racism.

July 16, 2019. Just as we were wrapping our minds around the other anti-black racist here, Tammy Lisa Postma (AKA Tammy Lisa Williams, and formerly Tammy Lisa Carpenter) was exhibiting her own racist tendencies by stalking and harassing her neighbor. She reportedly started by lurking around the house of her victims, but a Hispanic woman visited to drop off her kids with their African American father got a full dose of it.

Unprovoked, Tammy Postma unleashed racial slurs against the woman of color. When she dared to respond, Tammy turned up the heat and called 911 for backup. The Hispanic woman who only visits occasionally then grabbed her phone and began to film the madness, as do more and more people of color do in similar situations these days. Parts of Tammy's 911 call was captured on the woman's cellphone with Tammy saying "gang activity", a phrase which was confirmed in the official Police report.

According to a report by FOX 17, when asked about the incident, Tammy Lisa Postma didn't have much to say. "I don't know, I don't know," Tammy Postma said. "But you know what, I had a couple of drinks and just end that.", yeah right! we heard that before from this other racist woman here

Intoxication is no excuse for such intense racism. In similar situations, hate-swatting has led to deaths. For example, the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice started with a 911 call to the police by a white person. But perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is that Police let Tammy Postma off with just a warning, claiming they might charge her with a crime if she does it again. That means Tammy Postma the racist can continue her racism-induced stalking and harassments as long as she does not waste police time with a false report. After all, "racism" is not a crime. Even more disturbing is that beyond the apparent racism, Tammy Postma also made threats to kick the family out based on lies that she was on the Condo Association Board. That too did not prompt police to charge her with any crime. Now you do not need to wonder why this woman here was also let off the hook so easily.

Tammy Lisa Postma's victim in an interview with FOX 17 added that the next day her son was asking "mom 'what did we do wrong?' like we were just laughing," how do you explain that to a child?"

Take a moment to understand this. You must have heard the authorities use the phrase "predatory behavior" to describe normal heterosexuality, but this is where the phrase actually fits the most. Just like leopards do not need to do anything wrong to be attacked by lionesses, the innocent family of color was attacked by Tammy Postma simply because they don't look like her, something caused by birth factors beyond their own doing and control. And what if any "person of color" ever attacked Tammy Lisa Postma for not being a "person of color"? Would they not face any charges? Hold that thought.

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