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Angela Chong Ryan

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Added: Jul 19, 2019  

Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia. Another fake rape claim throws your tax money into waste. This one by narcissist Angela Ryan who eventually got charged with only a misdemeanor, to keep'em coming forward.

July 16, 2019. In an attempt to get a man in trouble, Angela Chong Ryan (AKA April Chong Ryan) took to the cops at night and reported that she was sexually assaulted and raped in her apartment on Center West Parkway. She alleged the incident occurred two days earlier on July 14th. You don't want to know her reason for the late reporting. All logical reasoning would lead to one conclusion, but...

Of course, the usual #StartByBelieving / #BelieveWomen is required to replace OR at least precede common sense in law enforcement work. And so police threw in resources on investigating the alleged crime and supporting the fake "victim" (or "fictim", as we call them). However...

July 17, 2019. In a follow-up interview with police during which she was confronted with facts that rebuffed her rape claim, Angela Ryan (AKA April Ryan) confessed that she had not been raped and that she wittingly made a false report.

July 18, 2019. 27-year-old Angela Chong Ryan was arrested and charged with making a false report of a crime, which is a misdemeanor. She was booked in the Richmond County Jail and released shortly afterward, pending court arraignment.

This false reporting of rape by Angela Ryan happened on the same day another Georgian woman here took her gang-rape hoax to the authorities. How much is too much? Watch this space.

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