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Kimberlee Ann Allaire

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Added: Jul 24, 2019  

Paragould, Greene County, Arkansas. Woman stirs up domestic violence by striking her fiance, he defends himself by pushing her away, she calls 911 and reports herself as the victim. However, she later changes her mind but gets charged with a felony for trying to undo her own lies. Tells you something about the justice system.

July 20, 2019. Police responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the 400-block of North Fourth Street. There, Kimberlee Ann Allaire (AKA Kimberlee Allaire) told officers that her fiancé had grabbed her by the hair and pushed her against the passenger window of a car. He allegedly also put her in a headlock and slapped her about the face. The fictim (false victim) had a swollen and bloody lip, according to the probable cause affidavit, but not necessarily any evidence to prove that the injury was caused by her fiance.

Following the report, #BelieveWomen / #StartByBelieving officers apprehended and arrested Mr. Fiancé for the alleged incident, turned his world upside down with intensive interrogations and threats of a long jail term, #VAWA-induced stuff, you can imagine.

However, after just one lonely night, Kimberlee Allaire had a change of heart, called a female Detective on the case and confessed that “she had lied about the incident.” “Allaire stated that she was mad at her fiancé ... and that she had begun hitting him first,” according to the affidavit. She claimed that “he did push her against the window but that he did not cause the injuries to her face,” further advising that the injury was rather caused by her young son.

July 23, 2019. After reviewing the affidavit, Greene County District Judge found probable cause to charge Kimberlee Allaire with Class D felony filing a false report with a law enforcement agency.

July 24, 2019. 23-year-old Kimberlee Ann Allaire was arrested on the recommended felony charges and booked in Greene County jail. The judge set her bond at $5,000 cash-only. Watch this space.

Although over 77% of domestic abuse incidents involving physical violence are initiated by the female, the narrative of male aggression remains the presumed (but false) likelihood in all cases. In this case, it is highly unlikely that the injuries on Kimberlee could have been caused by her young son, but we have seen instances where women self-inflict wounds to make their lies more believable in the quest to incriminate a man. Some examples here, here and here. The silver lining in this particular case is that the false accuser promptly changed her mind and took the penalty for that, so let's take another look at this.

Q1: Why did Kimberlee change her mind from incriminating her fiance? As most weaker vessels are led by their emotions to act before they think, perhaps Kimberlee Allaire later suddenly realized that jailing her fiance based on the false report means she may have to find another father figure for her kids, and that's not a one day task. We have seen similar cases here, here, here, etc, where the female false accuser later decides that a small altercation which she herself caused is not worth quashing the whole relationship or benefits from the relationship.

Q2: Why was she charged with a felony rather than a misdemeanor as most liars are charged? This change of mind by a female on a mission to incriminate her male does not often sit well with the Authorities who pour in a lot of resources into portraying women as victims #VAWA. Notice how they set Kimberlee's cash-only bond at $5,000 for lying. The rest who willingly backslide on their fictimhood to right their wrongs also pay a heavier price than the ones who stick to their lies and are revealed to have lied during the course of an investigation. That is deliberately done to discourage women from any hope of moral recovery/redemption from a mendacious scheme. Tells you something about the justice system of this country.

Now, imagine how many other similar cases are out there with the female false accuser not coming forth to confess? That means we rely only on the authorities to determine and tell us what the truth about the cases are. The same Authorities who control the statistics and pour billions of dollars into EVAWC and "women empowerment". Hold that thought!

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