Nary Touch

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Added: Jul 8, 2019  

Kampot, Krong Kampot, Cambodia. A woman mad at her husband decides that the best way to feel better is to make a false social media post of her car theft. Her hoax lands her on police charges.

July 07, 2019. Police received a report via Facebook by Nary Touch (AKA Touch Nary) that her Toyota Tacoma had been stolen, according to the police commission. The post which included photos of the car was shared multiple times.

Following the report, the police launched an investigation for the whereabouts of the car but all findings led back to the origin of the report, the owner of the car herself - Nary Touch, the compliant.

It appears that Nary Touch had an argument with her husband over family issues, then she bitterly posted the message that her car was missing, according to CNE. It is not clear what Touch Nary hoped to achieve from the false report. We can only speculate that she was sure that the hoax could have had some effect on her husband because he bought the car.

July 08, 2019. 39-year-old Nary Touch was charged by Article 524 of the Penal Code, for filing a false report to the authorities, and wasting police time. Watch this space
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