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Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada. Story of a female model of sorts who apparently could not make it without crying rape for attention, money, and fame against an international soccer star player. She got the attention and money BUT STILL came back almost 10 years later to revive the rape allegation for more attention and money. This time, FAIL!

June 13, 2009. Kathryn Mayorga called the police and reported having been a victim of sexual assault and forcible sodomy in a penthouse suite. Officers responded accordingly and took her to the hospital for administering a rape-kit. Shortly after, sexual assault detectives arrived at the hospital and took Kathryn's complaint again in writing.

She detailed that the previous night, she met the man (whom she did not identify) at a night club after having been invited by her friend. The soccer star player later invited a group of people along with Kathryn to his penthouse suite to enjoy the view of the Las Vegas strip. Kathryn Mayorga did not decline to go into the man's hotel suite. There was a bathtub but she did not have a bathing suit, so the soccer star gave her something to wear and she accepted. He allegedly led her to the bathroom and showed her an erection which should have meant that Kathryn Mayorga is sexually attractive, to him. However, Kathryn alleged she declined the soccer star but then he pulled her into the bedroom and forced himself on her while she said "No".

A police investigation was launched and the soccer star was reached for questioning. Through his attorney, he denied the allegation saying the sex was consensual. Witness interviews were conducted, surveillance footage was reviewed. All in all, it does seem like Kathryn Mayorga herself was first to touch and throw sex aura at the accused male. She seemingly did all but strip naked to turn him on. It is not clear how much intoxication may have contributed to all the signals she gave, but what do you expect when you lead a man on?

Kathryn Mayorga seems to have been all over the place hoping to be sexually noticed by the soccer star

Kathryn Mayorga gets full attention and gives the soccer star more than just an ear.

Kathryn Mayorga with the soccer star in the VIP section of the Night Club. You can see it all in her eyes

As you can see, Kathryn Mayorga makes advances on the sexy soccer star outside the club, touches him several times and even hugs him, giving him all the green lights in another blur image obtained from the scene.

If she was looking to deheterosexualize a straight man, that would be a "crime against humanity". If she was not then she would hold dearly the notion of "cause-and-effect". Hold that thought!

With so much exculpatory shreds of evidence, the case was not certain to get a conviction. However, when you are an international soccer star/celebrity, some things are just too inconvenient to be faced with. So, eventually, the lawyers of both sides reached an agreement in 2010 for a civil settlement of $375,000 awarded to the then teacher and struggling model of sorts - Kathryn Mayorga. The attorney of the accused soccer star hinted that the settlement reached was only because the international soccer star was based in Europe and had a goal ahead of him and would not want to do a back and forth to Nevada to attend court sessions on a case he was not guilty of.

After that settlement, nothing more was heard from the "victim" nor from the accused man on the case, according to Las Vegas Metro PD. A seemingly happy Kathryn Mayorga had moved on, gotten married and divorced, openly dated men in her freedom-stricken life, all without issues. until...

August 28, 2018. Seemingly in some new-found desperation, nine years after her first rape claim and eight years after she received a cash settlement, Kathryn Mayorga once again contacted the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and requested that her sexual assault case be re-opened. This time she named the soccer star as the perpetrator. Despite the alleged crime being almost a decade-old, the LVMPD still investigated it. The fact that she could use her sexuality to task the authorities to do their work at her own pace, close and open the case whenever she wants is beyond hypoagency. This is called "Pussy Empowerment" and by Uncle Sam's orders, all must comply.

September 27, 2018. Kathryn Mayorga's complaint was filed in the Clark County District Court stating her claims that the named soccer star raped her nine years ago and then paid her $375,000 to silence her. The complaint also depicted a Trauma Drama Queen in the tones of claiming emotional damages of sorts. Why did it take so long? could it be that there were extra demands she made between eight years that the 'cuntworth hostage' (soccer star) failed to meet? Well, we don't know but here is what we know: If a complaint takes so long then it is a well-planned scheme. Watch this space

-- Update --

July 08, 2019. Almost a year into investigating a decade-old rape claim, a Prosecution Request was submitted to the District Attorney's Office detailing findings from the investigation.

July 22, 2019. After a careful review of information and evidence from the investigation related to the case, the District Attorney declined to file charges against the accused soccer star, stating the politically correct reason that "the allegations of sexual assault against (the soccer star player) cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt", and that, in my personal impression is just a nicer way to tell 34-year-old Kathryn Mayorga to go F herself. Watch this space
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