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Anitra Marie Blue

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Added: Feb 11, 2008  

Salisbury, Wicomico County, Maryland. Sexually unassailable fantasist claims the victimhood title by hook or crook, with a false kidnap and rape hoax to police.

January 29, 2008. fictim (false victim) Anitra Marie Blue reported that she had been kidnapped from the area of Olive Street to another area where she was raped over and over again.

A taxpayer-funded investigation kicked in and was sustained for almost two weeks during which police reviewed CCTV footage, interviewed potential witnesses and interviewed the fictim several more times before police realized they were dealing with a hoax.

February 11, 2008. 33-year-old Anitra Marie Blue was arrested by Salisbury Police and charged with false statement to a police officer and obstructing and hindering an investigation. Watch this space

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