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Shae Lynn Mullins

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Updated: Jul 26, 2019  

Saint Joseph Charter Township, Berrien County, Michigan. From MeToo to SheToo. A woman repeatedly exploits her little daughter’s vagina in a scheme to incriminate her ex-partner with Child Sexual Abuse and win custody from him. Her ruse is uncovered, she's charged and sentenced to a lenient 7 days in jail but appeals the verdict, taking her case all the way to the Supreme Court. Fail!

This whole situation goes way back but let's start from when the child was about two years old...

February 2008. A long custody battle between Shae Lynn Mullins and her child's father resulted in him getting his first weekend of unsupervised parenting of the child. Shae Mullins was not happy with this outcome. Shortly after she got back the child, Shae maliciously testified that she observed some "distressing behaviors" and "redness and swelling on the child’s vaginal area".

Alarming indeed, she took the child to a medical center, CPS (Children's Protective Services) got involved, dad's custody was suspended, an investigation was launched, but everything calmed down and shared custody soon resumed.

May 2008. Shae Lynn Mullins testified again that she observed "redness and swelling on the child’s vaginal area". Again, the child had been taken to a medical center, CPS was involved, the father's custody was suspended yet again during the investigation but normalcy was restored shortly after.

September 2008. Shae Lynn Mullins yet again, for the third time, testified that she observed "redness and swelling on the child’s vaginal area". Again, the child had been taken to a medical center, CPS was involved, the father's custody was suspended but this time MDHHS filed an abuse and neglect petition to take jurisdiction over the child.

It appears that Shae Mullins herself was deliberately hurting the child in order to show the court what a terrible father the child had. However, things always went back to normal after her every false claim. Though, this time, things were about to get even better for the child...

January 2009. The father of the child won the primary custody battle for their daughter, leaving Shae Mullins with access to the child only on weekends. Shae, apparently unhappy with this new arrangement, turned to bizarre serpent tactics...

November 15, 2013. During one of the many weekend reunions with her child, Shae Mullins coaxed the little girl to tell a school teacher that her father had “hurt her and hurt her private parts” and also locked her in a closet. Shae promised the 7-year-old that she would get a new horse if she carried out the plan, according to court documents.

November 18, 2013. Following mom's evil plan, the little girl told her teacher, the teacher told the principal, the principal reported the matter to Child Protective Services (CPS), in the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHH) and the authorities responded with investigating the father of the child and reassessing the shared custody.

However, when the little girl was interviewed by investigators, she revealed to officers that her mother, Shae Mullins, had told her to lie about the whole sex abuse thing. Judging from previous incidents, it is safe to say that Shae went this far to kick the father of her child out of the child's life forever. We have heard authorities use the phrase "Crime Against Humanity" to describe less evil deeds, but this is where it actually applies. A child has the natural right to be with both of their biological parents, just as parents have a right and responsibility to their child. Anyone of the involved parties who tries to disrupt that order plays God against humanity. Whatever Shae's motivation was, she seemingly did not see it coming: - "People vs Shae Lynn Mullins".

January 14, 2015. A 34-year-old Shae Lynn Mullins was charged with one count of making a false report of child abuse or neglect that would have constituted the felony of Criminal Sexual Conduct.

April 18, 2016. Berrien County Trial Court. A jury found 35-year-old Shae Lynn Mullins guilty of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and making a false report of felony child abuse.

June 20, 2016. Shae was sentenced to a lenient seven days in jail and two years probation. Anyone would have thought this was a happy ending for her, considering how premeditated her evil was. But no, not for Shae Mullins who felt the sentencing was a violation of her rights. Even with all that leniency considering the facets and gravity of her crime, she decided to fight the verdict.

August 01, 2016. Shae Lynn Mullins filed an application to the Michigan Court of Appeal arguing that she is not criminally liable for making a false report because she did not make the report herself, but instead, the report to CPS was made by the school administration.

November 30, 2017. The Appeals Court of Michigan affirmed Shae Lynn Mullins' conviction stating that she can still be held criminally liable as a principal for making a false report of felony child abuse, on the basis that she used the child and the school officials as “innocent agents.” The Court also decided that Shae Mullins' remaining claims of error are similarly without merit.

“Too often, kids are used as pawns against one parent by another parent. Hopefully, this will help stop that. Kids deserve so much better than that,” said the Chief Trial Attorney.

Disappointed by the outcome of her appeal, and in her presumed constitutional right to NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for her own crimes, Shae Mullins took things all the way to the Supreme Court.

May 07, 2019. Michigan Supreme Court. Attorney representing Shae Lynn Mullins took the floor giving a long lecture on child protection law to a panel of 7 judges, asking for a new trial, trying to conflict two laws and rob everyone of their commonsense, exploiting the "innocent agent doctrine", and eventually arguing that it was not appropriate to charge Shae Mullins with making a false report, because she did not make the false report, it was her daughter who did. But the prosecutor representing "People", in "People v Shae Lynn Mullins" had an appropriate common-sense response to that - citing that the dictionary definition of the word "make" as used in the law also includes "causes to be made", arguing that someone who uses an innocent person to make a false report is responsible for making that report

Notice how Shae's Attorney struggles to make a case. It must be difficult to be human defending a mendacious schemer like Shae Mullins, especially when the people you're up against are not as stupid as feminoids would have them be. If you don't have the patience to watch the whole clip above, start from 11:27.

July 26, 2019. After a thorough review of both sides of the argument, the Michigan Supreme Court decided that the conviction of Shae Lynn Mullins will stand. The felon herself, Shae Mullins, at this point, has run out of options where else to complain that she should not be held accountable for her lies. Her persistent evasion of responsibility insinuates that her now 13-year-old daughter should rather be the one serving her lenient 7-day sentence. What an irresponsible idiot.

In case you wondered how MeToo feminoids were manufactured, this is how - it all started by allowing women to use her own sexuality to get whatever they wanted, by law. Now that privilege has extended to using children's sexuality. Everything in human civilization evolves, and that evolution does not always yield good results, as we see in this case.

Now, imagine what kind of a child Shae Mullin's daughter is growing up to be? what has she learned from mom about how to get what she wants? how will her own relationships with her boyfriends be when she grows up? Early victim mentality when and where it should not exist. This is what feminiods are made of. Watch this space

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