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Christy Michelle Baker

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Added: Jul 29, 2019  

Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Yet another parking lot hoax. Drunk woman kicked out of club calls 911 twice and reports our latest robbery kidnap fictimhood (false victimhood), then seemingly forgets she made such a report. Can't blame intoxication

July 26, 2019. Metro’s Emergency Communication Center received a call from Christy Michelle Baker saying she had been robbed and the suspect was running away. Moments later she called 911 again saying she was now locked inside of a vehicle in the parking lot of Alley Pub in Bellevue, according to a report by Scoop Nashville.

Following the report, six MNPD Patrol cars and flex vehicles responded to the scene along with a K-9 unit prepared for a possible escalation. Upon inquiry, the people in Alley Pub told officers that they saw nothing unusual. However, they said a female (Christy Baker) had just been kicked out of the bar for excessive intoxication.

The fictim (false victim) was searched for, located and questioned. but she denied having called 911, stating that she does not require police assistance. Dispatched then returned the call and the phone in Christy Baker’s hand began to ring in front of the officers.

July 26, 2019. 39-year-old Christy Michelle Baker was charged with public intoxication, making a false report, and making non-emergency 911 calls. She was freed on a $10,200 bond.

Just last week we saw another woman here make a false report after being kicked out of a bar. A couple of years ago there was yet another here who made a false rape report after she was denied access back into the club. All that burden of irresponsibility is paid for innocent taxpayers. Watch this space

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