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Adel, Dallas County, Iowa. Jilted and angry, Man punches a metal box on 4 wheels, gets hurt, then calls 911 and falsely reports having been attacked by another man armed with a blade.

July 20, 2019. Night. An officer responded to a possible assault of a male victim. On arrival, Steven Michael Kerr was found with two bleeding cuts on his right hand, according to the officer. The fictim said “he was involved in an altercation with another male who had swung a knife or razor blade at his face.” He alleged he was covering his face with his hands resulting in his right-hand being “struck with something,” according to a report by The Perry News.

Under the impression that Steven Kerr's injury was a result of a violent crime against him, the Dallas County EMS was called in and Steven was taken to a local hospital. “He informed me that this altercation was due to the fact that his current girlfriend had broken up with him and told him he had to leave as she was seeing someone else,” said the dispatched officer.

However, in his investigation during which he spoke with potential witnesses and eventually also reviewed security video footage from the parking lot area where Steven Kerr claimed to have been attacked, the evidence told a different story. The officer said that from the video he could clearly see that Steven Kerr had been punching his ex-girlfriend’s car in the parking lot with his right hand before he called the police. At 23:22 the video shows Steven outside the apartment door with his hand not bleeding. And then at 23:27 he returns to the apartment door after punching the vehicle and notices his hand now bleeding and then calls to report that he had been assaulted.

July 21, 2019. 30-year-old Steven Michael Kerr was charged with two misdemeanors - filing a false report to a public entity and fourth-degree criminal mischief for the damage he allegedly inflicted on the vehicle, estimated at $700. He was booked in Dallas County Jail on a $1,000 cash-only bond.

This relationship problem goes way back. In June 2017, Steven Kerr pleaded guilty to a third-degree harassment charge involving the same girlfriend who owned the same vehicle. What's next is anybody's best guess. Watch this space

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