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Allison Summerford

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Updated: Aug 6, 2019  

Vienna, Maries County, Missouri. "Child and pregnant Mother abducted at gunpoint". AMBER Alert activated, all units in search mode, breaking news everywhere, concerned community fearful, etc. Only one problem - The report was fake, orchestrated by the wily mother herself: Allison Summerford.

August 01, 2019. And we begin the month with a statewide AMBER Alert for Allison W. Summerford. She was reported by her teen brother to have been abducted along with her almost 11-month-old child from their home by a man with a gun and taken away in a black car. Following the report, Multiple law-enforcement agencies got involved, all hands on deck, it didn't take long for the story to alarm the whole nation.

Some news reports mentioned a "Hispanic" male suspect/perpetrator. Others went as far as putting an innocent African American man's photo in the report. However the drama was over pretty quickly as the presumed missing woman and her baby were found safe in a fast-food store in Rolla, the AMBER Alert was canceled, and the "victim" ended up in police custody on charges including filing a false police report.

What actually happened?

According to deputies, Allison Summerford had originally lived in Arkansas in and out of homeless shelters with her child. Her dad, worried about this, sent her a one-way ticket and she moved to Vienna. However, having no social life in Vienna, she got bored and opted to return to Arkansas but her dad did not want her to take the child along to suffer in homelessness again.

Allison Summerford was nonetheless hell-bent on going back to Arkansas with the child. So what did she do? She fabricated the abduction and had her 16-year-old brother report it "to buy her time to get to Arkansas while her father was distracted". The man of color who was initially portrayed on the alert as her kidnapper is actually the child's father who was nowhere around the house at the time of the fabricated incident. The second suspect was the man requested by Alison to pick her up in exchange for sex. The innocent man was only used by Allison to carry out her plan. Imagine if Allison's lies were not discovered soon enough? people of color have been shot dead for less.

22-year-old Allison W. Summerford was arrested for filing a false report and prostitution, both misdemeanors.

As the old adage goes: A lie will make it halfway around the world before the truth can put its boots on. But why is it so? the reason is our minds. The other ponder may be how and why a 5-months pregnant woman still offers not just herself but the child inside her for prostitution. This would be unthinkable to many around the world in other cultural contexts... but here in America: "Her Body Her Choice". Yet we somehow assume the moral superiority to tell other cultures what's wrong with them and even start wars to force them to be as stupid as we are. Smells like an agenda, and not a morally correct one.

-- Update --

August 06, 2019. Maries County Circuit Clerk. In a protective custody hearing for the 11-month-old boy, Allison Summerford's father agreed that the young child can continue to live at his residence near Vienna. The next hearing is scheduled for later this month. Watch this space

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