Maryanne Conrad

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Stamford, Fairfield County, Connecticut. 50-year old gorgon liar Maryanne Conrad falsely accused her husband of making death threats and prior violence against her.

July 30, 2018. Lying fictim Maryanne Conrad made a report to court marshal and then a sworn statement to state police claiming that after a court session on a temporary restraining order, her husband ran down the stairs in the courthouse, and yelled at her "I'm going to kill you B***h! I'm in control", according to police records. She claimed there was no one around to see when her husband yelled the death threats at her. She also claimed her husband broke her arm several weeks earlier while they were "living in Naugatuck".

However, a thorough investigation including witness interviews and review of surveillance footage uncovered numerous inconsistencies in her statements and that the “threat” did not happen. Courthouse video revealed Conard’s husband who weighs more than 224 Kilograms, walked down the stairs, did not run. And he did not approach her. The video also shows the lobby was crowded with people at the time Conrad claimed the threat occurred. A judicial marshal also provided a statement saying Conrad’s husband was nowhere in the area at the time and at no point did he hear any threat nor commotion, and saw no one running.

August 18, 2018. Lying fictim Maryanne Conrad was arrested at her Stamford home and charged with making a false statement and second-degree filing a false incident report. She was released on a $20,000 bond and due to appear on court on August 27, 2018.

She's likely to be given a pussy pass as usual and that's the last we might hear of this. Let's see what happens
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