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Linnea Marlene Hayda

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Updated: Aug 2, 2019  

Vail, Eagle County, Colorado. Yet another virago on the verge of losing custody battle turns to bizarre mendacious victimhood tactics by blurring the lines between being dumped and being literally deposited in a dumpster. Of course, she would have you blame her ex-husband for everything. Her false abduction report earned her 4 criminal charges including 2 felonies, but even with all the pieces of evidence against her, a jury of feminoids acquit the liar.

Brief Background

Linnea Marlene Hayda is an experienced divorcee who once again settled down with the latest man with whom she had two kids. Great! but as you would have guessed, she wasn't in for the 'happily ever after'. Following her third arrest for domestic violence, the couple decided to call it quits. From then on, things got even worse, with Linnea under protection orders to stay away from her ex-husband and his residence while Mr. Ex-hubby too was under one restraining order to keep him away from her. However, he had custody of their two children so she wasn't done with him.

March 20, 2018. In a custody hearing, Linnea Hayda asked for unsupervised visitation with their children but her ex-husband and his attorney objected to that request, citing her mental instability.

March 27, 2018. Early in the morning. Linnea Marlene Hayda was found in a dumpster with her wrists and ankle zip-tied. She was taken to the hospital where she made a recovery and a report claiming that on March 26, 2018, after her work-shift, her ex-husband abducted her from her workplace parking lot, put a bag over her head, threw her in the back of a vehicle, zip-tied her wrists and ankles and then dropped her in a dumpster near the apartment complex where they once lived together, the same apartment she's legally restrained from visiting. She also told a reporter that when her ex-husband threw her into the car, he said that she would not see her children again. This claim comes just three days before Linnea was scheduled for another custody hearing in court.

Following the allegations, Police launched a homicide investigation and questioned Linnea's ex-husband but he denied the claims, with an alibi that he was nowhere near Linnea's workplace at the time she alleged to have been kidnapped. Witness statements also corroborated his account. On the other hand, Officers found no witness(es) to corroborate Linnea's abduction claims. Detectives, as a part of their investigation, obtained a warrant for forensic search on Linnea Hayda's phone, and behold, around the time of the reported incident, her internet searches indicated that she research on the implication of her deceit. One for “false reporting laws in Colorado”, another for the “criminal penalties”, and a news story under the headline, “Man sentenced to life for kidnapping,” according to the arrest affidavit.

April 12, 2018. 31-year-old Linnea Marlene Hayda was arrested and booked on charges of misdemeanor False Reporting and Violation of a Protection Order, felony attempting to Influence a Public Servant, and felony Tampering With Evidence. She was released on a $7,500 bond.

Even though her defense is likely to claim that Linnea Hayda is mentally unstable, that did not stop her from carefully researching the implications of her hoax before she staged it. Ladies and Gentlemen, that gives you a pretty good idea how premeditated the whole orchestrated kidnap thing was, and its intention to get an innocent man imprisoned for life. Police said they spent more than 200 hours investigating Linnea Hayda’s allegations before determining they were “fictitious,” the Vail Daily reported. That's your tax money at work, with a motive to throw an innocent man's life away.

However, the Dumpster Woman (AKA Linnea Hayda) has denied that she staged the incident which put her in an area where she is legally restricted from entering. Linnea Hayda's best in honesty attempts to the police is that she doesn't remember. She said she doesn't know if the memories are real, she's not sure when she left the parking lot and does not remember being in the hospital. This refusal to admit that she orchestrated the whole thing means she's heading for a full trial in a court of law. Can't wait. Watch this space

-- Update --

July 31, 2019. After a week of trial, 32-year-old Linnea Marlene Hayda (AKA the Dumpster Woman) has not given up the tug-of-war with the justice system, trying to maintain her non-existent innocence. Her female attorney played the regular absurd but legally accepted card that Linnea was in an "abusive relationship" when she was found in a dumpster. Linnea's female clinician was introduced to court where she claimed Linnea has bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

That means one of her personalities gets to frame someone with a crime which potentially sends them to jail forever, while her other personality gets to enjoy a normal guilt-free life without being held accountable. In that case, her clinician should be arrested for not having recommended that such a dangerous person to society be kept in a secure mental institute. And they didn't forget to add that Linnea has Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and blah blah...

-- Update --

August 01, 2019. Following her attorney's advice, “I wish to remain silent,” Linnea Hayda told the District Court Judge who earlier said she could testify only if she wanted to. According to a report by The Vail Daily, “People have been on edge, thinking that someone is harming people and dropping them in trash dumpsters,” said the prosecutor. Linnea's Defense Attorney asked for the case to be dismissed, insisting that the evidence against her was not only tainted but did not prove her guilt, and neither did the prosecutors. The trial continues...

In this type of scenario, the case is likely to fall on the jury to come up with a decision. That may be good news for Linnea Hayda, as juries in Colorado and most states are known to be quite gynocentric. Bad for the health of the justice system and to society as a whole. Watch this space

-- Update --

August 02, 2019. After a 10 hour deliberation, a jury of four men and eight women returned a unanimous verdict to acquit Linnea Marlene Hayda on all four charges against her. She gets to walk, just like that. Never mind if the man she falsely accused would have lost everything. She still gets to walk. This is another sad day in the history of our justice system.
LETTER TO Eagle County District Attorney - Bruce Brown

Dear Mr. District Attorney,
SB: the Linnea Hayda Case

We wish to express our deep disappointment in the jury's decision to acquit Linnea Marlene Hayda on all four charges. We have followed developments of the case from last year (2018), we have seen the evidence against her which very obviously would have secured a conviction. The seemingly sympathetic jury which decided to acquit the fictim (false victim) has done a great disservice to our society.

Besides the flawed verdict, the handling of a case is also a blow to common sense. Linnea Hayda accused a man of abducting and attempting to kill her. The investigation outcome shows otherwise. Therefore, deciding that Linnea Hayda did not lie, directly means she told the truth which implies that her ex-husband really did commit the crimes she accused him of. In that case, will you proceed with prosecuting her ex-husband?

On the other hand, if acquitting Linnea Hayda only indicates that she lied BUT should NOT be held accountable for such well planned premeditated staging of a crime aimed at incriminating another person, that clearly sends a message to all out there who have the same intentions against innocent people. That, in our opinion, is more disturbing than the crime itself.

Just to remind you what this injustice implies: SAVE (Stop Abusive And Violent Environments) reports that courts issue 1.5 million temporary restraining orders every year for reports which are either false or trivial. 50% of those cases involve no actual physical violence. Of the other half that are alleged to involve physical violence, only 14% are proven in a court of law. The chances are that many innocent men have been falsely accused and sentenced to long prison terms based on a woman's lie. Not good.

The cost involved in punishing falsely accused men is a burden to taxpayers like us. If you assume that each one of the falsely accused people spends only one night in jail, the cost of simply housing these so-called “criminals” is almost $60 million thresholds, for Domestic Abuse cases alone. Not good.

Therefore, if a woman's word alone has so much power to destroy someone's life, it is absurd to remove responsibility/accountability from the use/misuse of that word. You must take false accusations more seriously. You must uphold justice and show an example by prosecuting false accusers more aggressively.

Thank you for your positive attention to this message.

- Community Against False Allegations
- Signed by CAFA August 02, 2019

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