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Danielle Dawn Vinson

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Updated: Dec 23, 2019  

Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland. Another crafty woman exploits a teen girl's sexuality to frame her husband with child-porn. She's being charged just a few weeks after the other one here was convicted for similarly framing her husband.

October 2018. The Sheriff’s Office received a report by a man who told them he had been sent inappropriate sexual images of the teenage girl on his phone, according to a report by Herald-Mail Media. The XXX photos were said to have been transferred to the 'male tool' used by Danielle Dawn Vinson (AKA Danielle Watson, Danielle Brink) who claimed to have found them on her husband’s cellphone.

Before anything could be verified, there was an arrest warrant issued for Mr. Husband, charged with four counts each of soliciting or permitting a child to engage in the production of child pornography; promoting or distributing child pornography; and using a computer in soliciting a minor to engage in sexual acts. The online communication with the teen girl is said to have started in July 2018 and continued until September 2018. The message exchange suggested that he had requested the girl send him her nudes.

July 16, 2019. The accused man was arrested, booked in Washington County Detention Center and held without bond, looking to serve a minimum of 15 years in County Jail if convicted.

However, investigators later verified that during the time of the alleged messaging, the accused man was in jail in West Virginia and lived in Pennsylvania after his release. That indicates he could not have been the one using his Facebook account to send those messages. Other people also corroborated his claim that he had no access to his FB account during that period. A female witness also came forward and provided investigators with screenshots of her communications with Danielle Vinson in which the schemer admitted to accessing her husband’s Facebook account and “doing things.” In one of her chat lines to the witness, Danielle wrote: “I don’t want written evidence that I did what I did lol.”

It was Danielle Vinson who impersonated the accused husband and tricked the teen girl into engaging in the sexual conversation and sending the XXX content which she in-turn sent to another man (without the young girl's knowledge) to make the police report. You may be pondering that this is wrong on so many levels but let's wait and see how our justice system handles it.

July 30, 2019. With the exculpatory evidence, the Child-pornography charges against the accused man were dropped and he was eventually released from the county detention center. The focus of the investigation became the mendacious butch dyke schemer herself.

August 01, 2019. 40-year-old Danielle Dawn Vinson, of North Locust Street, was charged with four counts of soliciting a minor to appear in child pornography. Unsurprisingly, she was not charged with filing a false police report, even though she clearly used an "innocent agent" to do so. You can already feel the pussy pass in action, which will also determine the application of justice in this case.

-- Update --

December 27, 2019. After having accepted a plea deal to see more serious charges like soliciting a minor dropped, 41-year-old Danielle Dawn Vinson pleaded guilty to unauthorized access to a computer. She was handed down a suspended sentence of three years in prison, with 18 months to be served in the county jail. Just like they often do, they bent the rules for this one to get off the hook. Even the 18 months is unlikely to be fully served., courtesy of puss pass.

It might interest you to know that Danielle Vinson is not your average criminal. She is a habitual liar and a thief, which makes you wonder why her allegations were regarded by Washington County Sherrif Officers as credible in the first place. In fact, she has a whopping 13 convictions for theft on her criminal record, and several others for probation violation. What a waste of taxpayer resources. Watch this space.

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