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Queensbury, Warren County, New York. The fake rape drama continues. Today's episode stars none other than a proven liar and convicted felon: Heidi Manney, who came forward just to get an innocent man in trouble. She is a bird of similar feather with this younger one here living in the same city.

July 29, 2019. While on parole for multiple felonies, Heidi Marie Manney went to Glens Falls Hospital and claimed that she was abducted and forcibly raped by a named ex of sorts. By her request, the hospital called the police. On arrival, Heidi told the officer that her ex surprised her on the bike path and sexually assaulted her.

Heidi Manney and the accused man had fall-outs before and there was a protection order banning the man from having any contact with her. Due to this existing legal condition, the investigation focused on two crimes - violating a protection order and sexually assaulting a woman.

After many hours spent by both law-enforcement and the hospital staff on investigating Heidi's claims, Sheriff’s investigators noticed some discrepancies with her story. Confronted with the inconsistencies in her report, it became clear that Heidi Manney wasn’t being truthful, according to a Sheriff's Lieutenant.

"False reports, unfortunately, cause those in the criminal justice system more work than is needed", said the Sheriff's Officer. His expressed concerns only scratch the surface of the wastage caused by that girl's lies, vindictiveness, cunningness, criminality, and idiotism.

August 01, 2019. 31-year-old Heidi Marie Manney was charged with filing a false police report and violating parole. Due to the parole violation, she was held at the Warren County Jail without bail. According to a report by, Heidi Manney could be made to serve an additional 22 months on her 2015 convictions which included welfare fraud, possession of stolen property, use of a stolen credit card, cashing forged money order, etc.

Commonsense Proscription Prohibited

After digesting what the fictim (false victim) above was arrested for, there must be at least 2 questions on your mind right now.

1. What about her false rape accusation? As usual, it is not considered as a serious matter, not by our law enforcement and justice system. After all, Heidi (M)onster Manney only told a lie that could have had the lives of an innocent man and his loved ones squashed away. No big deal.

2. So why did police believe the word of a habitual liar, fraudster, and sexually unassailable felon? Because Uncle Sam and his gynocentric cronies/crap-weasels not only brainwashed the populace that women do not lie about rape but also defied common sense by making it a policy that a woman must be believed when she lies about rape. It is no secret that our own DOJ (Department of Justice) is pouring millions of dollars into the anti-commonsense #StartByBelieving campaign. So imagine, even if law enforcement may have had doubts about Heidi Manney's report from the onset, they had no choice but to waste our tax money on investigating it anyway.

If not to sustain/enhance a false victimhood culture, remind me again why we're still paying taxes? The message from Uncle Sam and his pussy-serving cronies is that a woman does not lie, especially about rape. Well, we say women lie about everything, especially rape. So which message is true? Watch this space.

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