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Christie Benoit

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Added: Aug 6, 2019  

Manchester, New Hampshire. Staged break-in and assaults, broken stuff, fake black-eyes, Halloween prank blood, a false accusation of neighbor and a false police report all summed up to a taxpayer-funded hoax night of lesbianic proportions. A few months ago we loaded a similar fictim (false victim) here in the same city.

August 05, 2019. Night. Christie Benoit ran to her female neighbor and complained that she had been attacked by another female neighbor. The "good" female followed her back to her apartment and noticed "there were couch pillows all over the floor, the broken plate in the living room on the floor," ... "In her bedroom, it looked like the clothes basket had been dumped over. There were clothes all over, and then what I thought was blood," she later told a WMUR reporter.

Towards 10 pm, Manchester Police officers were dispatched to the Prospect Street residence in response to the reported assault. When they arrived, Christie Benoit told them that her female neighbor had broken down her door, punched and scratched her. The mess police found in Christie's apartment was consistent with the report. There was blood-like substance splattered in the living room, bathroom and kitchen. Police say Christie had red stains on her shirt, a seemingly bled nose, black eyes and scratches on her arm and leg, which she claimed she sustained from the attack.

However, on closer examination of the red fluid on the floor and on a paper towel, officers determined that it was not consistent with real blood. They also found a plastic tube of Vampire Blood commonly used at Halloween. It was also determined that the blackness around her eyes was make-up, according to a release by Manchester NH Police Facebook Page.

20-year-old Christie Benoit was arrested and charged with Falsifying Physical Evidence and Filing a False Report to Law Enforcement. She is scheduled for arraignment in Hillsborough Superior Court later in the month. Watch this space.

August 06, 2019. WMUR reporter reached out to Christie Benoit on phone and she reportedly claimed that the incident was a "cry for help". Besides claiming that the woman she falsely accused had been harassing her and she wanted that to stop, she also claimed to be suffering from PTSD and other psychological problems.

Don't buy it. That's an early excuse to avoid responsibility for her lies. I bet if the woman she accused was arrested last night instead of herself, she wouldn't expose her mental problems. So here comes the question: if the accused woman had really been harassing her, as she claims, why didn't she simply report the harassment instead of plotting an unrelated hoax to falsely incriminate the woman? Hold that thought

Female neighbors, Harassment, Staged crime scene against a female neighbor for another female neighbor to see, etc. At this point, if you're thinking what I'm thinking, this issue is much more complicated than we know. However, female false reporting against another female is a growing trend as you see here, but rarely talked about. And in most of them, there is seemingly a secret puzzle to solve. Watch this space.

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