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Wendy Patricia McMillan

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Added: Aug 6, 2019  

Joliet, Will County, Illinois. Unsuccessful attempts to convert ex-lover to bill payer. After all else failed, Wendy McMillan intensified her efforts by calling 911 and falsely accusing him of kicking her door, to get him to pay for the damages. Another fail!

August 05, 2019. Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on Summit Street. On arrival, Wendy Patricia McMillan told them her front door was kicked in by an ex-boyfriend while she was at home. She alleged she called the police shortly after the incident and that Mr. ex left shortly before officers arrived.

On careful examination of the door, officers smartly determined that the damage was done the previous day. Additionally, by interviewing both the ex-boyfriend and Wendy herself, officers also determined that the ex-boyfriend was not in the residence at the time of the report. Wendy McMillan then changed her story saying she did not see who actually damaged the door but "she wanted the ex-boyfriend to pay for it", a police Sgt said in an email, according to a report by The Herald News.

August 05, 2019. 43-year-old Wendy Patricia McMillan was arrested and charged with a felony false reporting which is punishable by one to three years in prison. She was booked in the Will County jail.

Wendy McMillan is obsessed with having an ex-boyfriend pay her bills. In fact, in 2018 she tried to murder her ex-boyfriend by knife stab to the chest because he refused to pay her cab fare when she showed up at his apartment unannounced. She was charged with felony aggravated domestic battery and held in Illinois Department of Corrections for that incident. She had also been charged with theft and multiple DUIs in the past years. In one car crash she caused in 2016, she gave the officer a fake name, then attempted to flee the scene.

Referring to Wendy McMillan as someone with major issues would be an understatement. Between 2015 and 2019 she had almost evolved into a monster, unable to keep the peace. No matter how mainstream information sources spin this one, Wendy McMillan is apparently unfit to exist without issues in society. I say the pokey is where she truly belongs. Watch this space

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